PlayStation 4 supposedly crashing due to harmful message

Numerous PS4 owners on Reddit and across social media are caution of a message including a string of characters that can supposedly cause Sony’s console to take up and crash. Sometimes, the console gets so confused from this problem that users are performing a factory reset on the hardware to get it working typically again.

We have actually seen bugs much like this on mobile platforms, where a certain message or unusual character can wreak havoc and cause unstable habits. If the reports are true, Sony will likely act quickly to roll out brand-new system firmware that removes the concern. This business enjoys releasing updates that improve system performance and stability.

To avoid any headaches up until this gets figured out, listed below are some steps you can take to secure your console versus receiving the message at question from your multiplayer opponents and other strangers.

If you get the message, delete it from Sony’s PlayStation Messages app for Android or iOS rather of opening it on your console.

There are reports that erasing the suspect message with Sony’s smartphone app prior to powering on your console and finalizing into PlayStation Network suffices to avoid issues. Sony’s PS4 messaging app is a free download and offered on both Android and iOS. How to restrict messages on your PlayStation 4 to good friends only: A)From a web internet browser, you can visit this URL. Indication

in with your PS4 account qualifications. Select”Individual Information|Messages”and then select the edit button near Messages. From here, you can select anyone, good friends just, or nobody. Till Sony fixes this bug, you must select one of the latter two choices. B)From the PS4 console, go to Settings– > Account Management– > Personal Privacy Settings. Pick”Personal Info|Messages” and then select

Messages. From here, you can select anybody>, buddies just, or nobody. Up until Sony repairs this bug, you ought to pick among the latter 2 options. How to restore the PS4 system database: If you’re affected and discover your PS4 acting cool even after getting rid of the message, you may wish to boot the console in safe mode and rebuild the database. This procedure should not impact any of your saved data. Here’s what Sony says it does: Scans the drive and produces a new database of all content on the system. This operation might take a long period of time depending on the type and number of information products. This choice works for cleaning up the data on your PS4 as it reorganises whatever

on the disk drive. Select this option if you are experiencing problems such as video game freezes or frame rate drops. Doing this certainly seems like a good step to get everything straightened back out if some jerk strikes you with the bad message.


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