Tesla apply for ‘Teslaquila’ hallmark for tequila, Elon Musk states ‘coming soon’

What relatively started as a joke appears to become truth as Tesla declared a ‘Teslaquila’ trademark for tequila and Elon Musk states that it is ‘coming soon’.

Earlier this year, Musk satirized Tesla haters with an April Fool’s joke about the company declaring bankruptcy.

As part of the joke, Musk wrote that he was found “passed out against a Tesla Design 3, surrounded by “Teslaquilla” bottles, the tracks of dried tears still visible on his cheeks.

Quickly after, Tesla applied for an actual hallmark on the name ‘Teslaquila’, according to a new filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that has actually become public today:

The filing says that Tesla intends to use the trademark for ‘distilled agave alcohol’, like tequila– thus the name.

Following the hallmark going public, Musk tweeted that it is “coming quickly” and launched a “visual approximation”:

The image includes an old Tesla logo design and therefore, the real bottle is likely going to be different. It seems like a greatly different item from Tesla’s normal products. The company has frequently launched limited edition items that have absolutely nothing to do with its core competency, like < a href="https://electrek.co/2018/07/28/tesla-surfboard/" > a Tesla surf board just recently.

Premium automakers frequently utilize their strong brand name with lifestyle products and accessories, however a booze might be an initially.

Electrek’s Take

I seem like this might end up a recommendation program reward or something of the sort.

In my opinion, Elon, or somebody around Elon, developed the name when they did the April Fool’s joke and they came to the conclusion that it was too good of a name not to be an item.

There’s something strange about a car manufacturer making hard alcohol. It’s not like they are promoting drinking and driving, however there’s still a weird sensation about it.

What do you believe? Let us know in the comment section listed below.

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