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Motorola Unveils Moto G8 Plus and E6 Play

  Motorola announced the Moto G7 series earlier this year, and we were expecting another revision of its budget-oriented phones in early 2020. It’s not waiting that long, though. Motorola just unveiled the Moto G8 Plus along with the even cheaper E6 Play in Europe. The G8 plus has more …

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LG G8X Launches Nov. 1 for $700 With Free Dual-Screen Case

  LG hasn’t been rolling out completely new smartphones as often as it used to. Instead, it created tweaked versions of past devices with new features and hardware. It hasn’t been completely unsuccessful, but it’s not catching Samsung any time soon. LG’s latest US launch might actually move some units, …

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Google Might Start Certifying ‘Gaming Phones’

  As smartphones get more powerful, more and more people are using them as their only computer. That means they do all their email, web browsing, shopping, and even gaming on these handheld devices. The gaming experience on smartphones can vary wildly depending on the hardware and software optimization, but …

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