Friday , December 14 2018

Android News

Sharp Announces the Aquos R2 With 2 Screen Notches

You need only look at recent phone launches to see that screen notches are very in right now. Apple, Google, LG, Nokia, and many others have fully embraced the space saving and visually contentious screen notch. If one is good, then maybe two would be even better? That’s the approach …

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New Samsung Exynos 9820 Includes Neural Processing Unit

In the ARM ecosystem, Apple has emerged as one of the only companies building its own high-performance custom CPUs. Other onetime rivals, like Qualcomm, have taken to licensing parts from ARM instead of building their own architectures. The field, however, isn’t empty — Samsung also has a custom CPU designed …

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Samsung’s Foldable Phone Could Cost $1,770

Samsung has finally shown off its first foldable phone, but only for a few seconds. At the tail end of the Samsung Developer Conference, the company talked up its display innovation and demonstrated the first foldable phone, which it will sell in 2019. The presenter folded the phone twice and …

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Google Adds Support for Foldable Phones to Android

Smartphones have all looked similar for the last decade, but we may be on the verge of another major shift. At the Android Developer Summit today, the company announced native platform support for a class of devices it calls “foldables.” As you can probably guess, that means devices with foldable …

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