Tuesday , October 16 2018


Dust Is Still Breaking Apple’s Improved MacBook Pro Keyboards

Everyone wants a laptop that’s thin and light because we often need to haul these things around. Apple shaved a few more millimeters off its already slim laptops several years ago with the custom “butterfly” switches. Owners soon complained of defective switches and expensive repairs because of a few specks …

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FBI Forces Suspect to Unlock Phone Using Face ID

Ever since biometric authentication began rolling out across phones and laptops, security researchers and legal analysts have both warned that such security measures would not protect against federal searches. Until now, however, such issues had been largely theoretical. There have been a handful of cases in which iPhones or Android …

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Apple Reportedly Demands $9B From Google for iOS Default Search

  Defaults are powerful. Psychological research has repeatedly demonstrated that most people don’t change defaults, opting instead to use systems and settings the way they are configured out-of-the-box. That’s why so many battles have been fought over questions like what the default browser in Windows should be, and it’s why …

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Qualcomm Accuses Apple of Giving Trade Secrets to Intel

The already acrimonious fight between Apple and Qualcomm got even uglier today. The two companies have been slugging it out for years over a range of issues related to royalty payments and fees — Apple’s decision to deploy Intel modems in its iPhones is seen as a desire to move …

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