Apple Says Google Blew iPhone Hacking Report Out of Proportion

  Apple is used to promoting the security of its products in comparison to the competition, but it was on the defensive last week following a report from Google’s Project Zero. According to Google researchers, iOS was the target of a sophisticated attack for two years until Google alerted Apple …

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There Are Rumors Apple Will Soon Resurrect the iPhone SE

  It’s rumored that Apple could resurrect the iPhone SE in 2020, partly as a competitive measure to take market share from low-end Android device manufacturers. The iPhone SE, which was introduced in 2016 at a base price of $400 (it later fell to $350), was built on the same …

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Cash Value of Android Zero-Day Exploits Surpasses iOS

  Apple has long positioned itself as the more secure option to open platforms like Windows and Android, but that might no longer be the case. As previously unreported “zero-day” iOS exploits pile up, security researchers are seeing the cash value of such research fall. Zerodium, the largest purchaser of …

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