BMW Service Outage Breaks CarPlay Functionality

  It’s an unwritten rule that the infotainment systems built into cars are terrible, but systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have saved many drivers from the monstrosities designed by automakers. Owners of some BMW vehicles have found themselves unable to access CarPlay lately, and that appears to be …

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Global Smartphone Sales Drop, but Huawei Sees Massive Growth

  It used to be a foregone conclusion that smartphone makers would see substantial year-over-year sales increases. After all, everyone wanted smartphones. Today, everyone still wants smartphones, but they already have at least one. The market has plateaued, and companies like Samsung and Apple are seeing phone sales level off …

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Apple Will Pay Qualcomm $4.5B to Make Nice, Use Its Modems

  Earlier this month, Apple and Qualcomm suddenly announced they would bury the hatchet and work together again on 5G technology. This came after an ugly period of war between the two companies, in which Apple reportedly deliberately engaged in a bad-faith attempt to persuade regulatory bodies that Qualcomm’s licensing …

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Intel Cancels Its 5G Modem Plans Following Apple-Qualcomm Deal


  Intel has announced that it will no longer bring a 5G modem to market following the cessation of hostilities between Apple and Qualcomm. The move confirms rumors we heard last week that Intel’s modem business might be in trouble. Intel’s press release states: Intel Corporation today announced its intention …

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Apple, Qualcomm End Worldwide Lawsuit War


  Yesterday, Apple and Qualcomm kicked off a massive court case certain to range for years across their respective businesses. Today, they quit. Apple and Qualcomm have signed an agreement to end all of the outstanding legal cases they’ve brought against each other. Under the terms of the agreement, Apple …

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Unplugged: Apple Kills AirPower Wireless Charging Mat

  After 18 months and a great deal of speculation, Apple has killed its wireless power charging mat. The AirPower, announced back in September 2017, was supposed to offer a sort-of wireless charging holy grail. Instead of being limited to a single device, the AirPower could charge an iPhone, Apple …

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Apple Announces New iPad Mini and iPad Air

  Apple essentially owns the premium tablet market now that Google’s interest in Android tablets is waning. The updated iPad Pro models launched several months ago brought new designs and many of the features from the company’s new iPhones. Apple’s latest tablet announcement focuses on the lower end of the …

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