Spring Cleaning Tips


Photo: Spring cleaning season is upon us. Some of us dread the thought of cleaning and organizing, while others thrive off the idea. Here are a few tips to make your spring cleaning easier and more efficient. Makeup Makeup is an item that naturally gets cluttered and very, very messy. …

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Vegan innovation: Growing cravings, plant-based power & retail positioning

28 Aug 2018– The image of veganism is going through the most transformation in its history while shedding some worn out, old stereotypes– that’s according to The Vegan Society itself. The group proudly states that customers now carefully associate consuming vegan with health, physical fitness and wellness– all substantial patterns …

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A Room For Fall Seasons

  With fall upon us, say Colin and Justin, and summer’s warm breath a distant memory, it’s time to cozy up ahead of the mercury’s further descent. Go on, layer on those thick, textural sweaters, turn up the thermostat and enjoy Mother Nature at her autumnal finest.  You know you want …

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PlayStation 4 supposedly crashing due to harmful message

Numerous PS4 owners on Reddit and across social media are caution of a message including a string of characters that can supposedly cause Sony’s console to take up and crash. Sometimes, the console gets so confused from this problem that users are performing a factory reset on the hardware to …

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Nintendo Announces Pikachu And Eevee Switch Packages

Today Nintendo revealed a new Pokémon: Let’s Go-themed Change console as part of a bundle for the video game’s November 16 release. It’s cute and includes Pikachu and Eevee-colored Joy-Con. which Nintendo must really let us purchase independently however since they’re Nintendo probably never ever will. Read More

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