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Top 3 Watch Styles for Ladies

Time for a Little Christmas Treat! While the Christmas season may feel like it’s all about shopping for others, sometimes you need to treat yourself! A quality timepiece is a lifetime investment that isn’t gone in a moment — like a manicure or a spa day. Finding a watch that …

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The Changing Trends In Fashion And Dress Fabrics

100 years in not actually a very long time in human history. But this will not apply for the fashion industry. The choice of fabrics, styles, colors, trends… everything changes rapidly in the fashion world. Sometimes the trends and even what fabrics we prefer change a great deal within just …

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32 Makeup Tips That No One Told You About

With a few suggestions and tricks, you do not have to be an expert to have amazing looking makeup. It has taken me years to discover my face shape, what colors flatter me, just how much to use, and ways to use it so that it looks beautiful and natural. …

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Baroque-Inspired Pictures Of Black Ladies Highlight Their Incredible Natural Hair So Other Girls Would Stop Concealing It


We are all loaded with natural beauty, we just have to bring it out. Regis and Kahran, a couple group behind CreativeSoul did just that, just for young black ladies. Focusing on their hair, the duo created Afro Art, a series of stunning portraits that has cast a spell on …

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Fabulous Polyvore Combos For A Night Out

For all of you who are looking for an inspiration of how to dress to impress, we have chosen several Fabulous Polyvore Combos For A Night Out. We have chosen them to be versatile, so that we can please everyone’s taste and we are sure that you will love all …

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Wonderful Polyvore Combinations With Maxi Skirts

Skirts always take the stage during the spring and summer time, when the weather is too hot for wearing jeans. They can be found in various styles, so you will for sure find the right skirt for the right occasion. They can differ in terms of colors, patterns and of …

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10 Polyvore Combinations With Floral Shorts

Floral pattern is definitely the trendiest pattern for spring and summer time. And there are many ways of how to make it part of your outfit combinations. We have already shown you how to wear a floral dress as well as a floral blazer and today we want to show you how …

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Stylish Polyvore Combos With Crop Tops

Crop tops are one of the hottest trends for summer time, so you should definitely get yourself some for the upcoming summer. They can be found in various styles and colors and as such you can make them part of many outfit combinations. So, in order to get you inspired …

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