Samsung reveals first smartphone with 4 rear video cameras as part of increase to mid-range devices

KUALA LUMPUR: Samsung Electronic Devices on Thursday (Oct 11) unveiled its latest mobile phone which has 4 rear video cameras – a first for the company in addition to the market, in a bid to < a href="" target=" _ blank "> reinvigorate development in its mobile department. The new Samsung Galaxy A9 was exposed in all its quad camera glory at the business & acirc; $ s Samsung A Galaxy Occasion, held at the W Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, putting to rest speculation that âhad been growing since the tech huge teased its < a href=" "target=" _

blank” > & acirc; $ 4x fun & acirc; $ event last month.< source data-srcset ="/ image/10817056/16x9/ 320/180/d35c56355047c7394a9d950d5a8b2320/ XX/new-samsung-smartphone- kl-launch. jpg 320w,/ image/10817056/16x9/ 360/203/d35c56355047c7394a9d950d5a8b2320/ Jv/new-samsung-smartphone- kl-launch. jpg 360w,/ image/10817056/16x9/ 450/253/d35c56355047c7394a9d950d5a8b2320/ co/new-samsung-smartphone-

kl-launch. jpg 450w,/ image/10817056/16×9/ 550/309/d35c56355047c7394a9d950d5a8b2320/ RX/new-samsung-smartphone- kl-launch. jpg 550w,/ image/10817056/16×9/ 670/377/d35c56355047c7394a9d950d5a8b2320/ AT/new-samsung-smartphone- kl-launch. jpg 670w,/ image/10817056/16×9/ 768/432/d35c56355047c7394a9d950d5a8b2320/ KL/new-samsung-smartphone- kl-launch. jpg 768w,/ image/10817056/16×9/ 991/557/d35c56355047c7394a9d950d5a8b2320/ gZ/new-samsung-smartphone- kl-launch. jpg 991w” sizes= “( min-width: 992px )670px,( min-width: 768px) calc( 100vw- 50px), calc( 100vw- 30px) “> Samsung mobile divisions primary DJ Koh introduces the new Galaxy A9.( Picture: Nicole Chang). The most recent addition to the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A series of smart devices comes hot off the heels of the Galaxy A7 announced simply weeks earlier. Real to rumours that leaked in the lead-up to the occasion, the A9 develops on the A7

& acirc; $ s triple rear cam system by going one much better, with four rear cameras lined up vertically down its back. They include a 24-megapixel main lens, an 8-megapixel 120-degree wide angle lens, a 5-megapixel depth lens and a 10-megapixel telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom.

In addition, Samsung stated the phoneâ& acirc; $ s AI scene recognition feature is able to identify photo subjects and change settings accordingly for the best image.

The phone will feature lots of storage, at 128GB (6GB RAM) and up to 512GB of expandable memory. It boasts a 3,800 mAh battery, and has a 6.3â& acirc; $ Full HD+, Super AMOLED display screen.

< source data-srcset="/ image/10817068/16x9/ 320/180/1d4049aac0c93827a124e1fb43c69339/ tj/samsung-launch-kpop- group.jpg 320w,/ image/10817068/16x9/ 360/203/1d4049aac0c93827a124e1fb43c69339/ jL/samsung-launch-kpop -group.jpg 360w,/ image/10817068/16x9/ 450/253/1d4049aac0c93827a124e1fb43c69339/ kc/samsung-launch-kpop- group.jpg 450w,/ image/10817068/16x9/ 550/309/1d4049aac0c93827a124e1fb43c69339/ EP/samsung-launch-kpop- group.jpg 550w,/ image/10817068/16x9/ 670/377/1d4049aac0c93827a124e1fb43c69339/ An/samsung-launch-kpop- group.jpg 670w,/ image/10817068/16x9/ 768/432/1d4049aac0c93827a124e1fb43c69339/ Kf/samsung-launch-kpop- group.jpg 768w,/ image/10817068/16x9/ 991/557/1d4049aac0c93827a124e1fb43c69339/ rB/samsung-launch-kpop- group.jpg 991w "sizes="( min-width: 992px) 670px,( min-width: 768px) calc( 100vw- 50px), calc( 100vw- 30px)" > South Korean girl group AOA demonstrate the cam abilities of the brand-new A9. (Photo: Nicole Chang)


Security-wise, the gadget includes a finger print scanner at the back as well as face acknowledgment.

It will can be found in Caviar Black, Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink.

The Galaxy A9 likewise includes virtual assistant Bixby, Samsung Pay and Samsung Health.

Thursdayâ& acirc; $ s announcements substantiate the tech hugeâ& acirc; $ s press to present new innovation and innovative features for its mid-range devices initially ahead of its flagships, in a boost to more affordable models.

Speaking at the occasion, DJ Koh, president and primary executive of the IT and mobile interactions division at Samsung Electronic devices, stated that with the Galaxy A7 and A9, the business was â& acirc; $ showcasing Samsungâ& acirc; $ s commitment to serve everyone & acirc; $.

â& acirc; $ We live in a world where phones are central to who we are and how we engage worldwide,â& acirc; $ he stated. & acirc; $ In a world like this, everyone should have access to the technology that provides one of the most value in their eyes.â& acirc; $ & acirc; $ With these brand-new phones we are reinventing the way we introduce advancement technologies to the people we serve.â& acirc; $ Mr Koh informed Channel NewsAsia last month that moving technology to more affordable designs would help to bring in budget-constrained millennials seeking innovative items, while distinguishing its devices in a saturated smartphone market.

The move is seen as a bid to fend off stiff competition from Chinese brands offering more affordable gadgets with equivalent specs.

Samsung last week flagged record third-quarter earnings most likely driven by strong need for its memory chips, but experts have said its mobile service will continue to battle.

The Galaxy A9 will be available in chosen markets from November.


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