Chip Demand Outstrips


  Last year, a lot of semiconductor companies promised they’d be exiting the current supply crunch by the end of Q1 2021. In January, we started hearing companies say they thought the shortages could last until the end of Q2. Now, analysts are predicting they could actually persist for the …

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Daily Caffeine Intake


Caffeine, a psychostimulant commonly used to combat high sleep pressure on a daily basis, alters gray matter structures; however, the effect appears to be temporary, according to new research from the University of Basel. Lin et al. examined whether daily caffeine intake affects human gray matter through the mediation of …

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Sequence Mitochondrial


Scientists have extracted and sequenced mitochondrial DNA from a partial femur of an ancient dog that lived in Alaska 10,150 years ago. Their results, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, demonstrate that the animal belonged to a lineage of dogs that diverged from Siberian dogs around 16,700 …

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Nuggets Bar For NBA


The Nuggets were nearly flawless in one very important part of the game. They committed only one turnover all night, setting an NBA record for the fewest ever in a game. The previous record of two turnovers was shared by five teams, including the Phoenix Suns this season, as they …

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Intent Data In 2021


  The following article is based on a conversation between Colby Cavanaugh, VP Business Development Alliances, Integrate and Kate Athmer, VP of Growth, Bombora. Hope is on the horizon that 2021 will be a substantial improvement over 2020 in nearly all aspects of business and everyday life, including the world of …

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Apple Phone Sales


  High demand for the iPhone 12 allowed Apple to one-up Samsung in Q4 2020 smartphone sales, giving the Cupertino-based manufacturer its first leadership position since Q4 2016. Samsung still kept its position as the largest manufacturer based on full-year results, shipping 253 million smartphones against Apple’s 199.8 million devices. …

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AMD Motherboards


  AMD has launched an investigation into reports of USB problems in its 500-series motherboards and is asking affected users to sound off on the problem. It’s also invited users to contact it directly by opening a support ticket. The company says it’s engaged in root cause analysis and that …

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John Deere Agreement


  In September 2018, the Equipment Dealers Association signed an agreement with John Deere in which the company would begin voluntarily making repair tools, software guides, and diagnostic equipment available for ordinary farmers to purpose beginning January 1, 2021. We’re now well over two months into 2021 and, as a …

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Apple M1 Data


  Concerning reports from Apple M1 Mac users have surfaced in the past few days, as different folks compare notes on how often their systems are writing to disk. Some comparisons display eye-popping levels of drive writes, especially given how long some of these systems have been in use. Evidence …

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