Holiday Treat

Healthy Lemon Lavender Marshmallows


These Healthy Lemon Lavender Marshmallows are sweet, delicious, bright, and refreshing.  They’re like light and fluffy clouds of lemon-lavender goodness!  Unlike storebought mallows, these are naturally flavored and naturally sweetened (no corn syrup or artificial ingredients here!), so you can feel good about popping these mallows in your mouth! I …

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Healthy Nutella Energy Bites


These heathy Nutella Energy Bites have got all the flavor of creamy, delicious, chocolatey, and hazelnutty Nutella, but without the excess sugar, artificial ingredients, and preservatives! These deliciously fudgy no-bake bites are SO easy to make, you’ll be snacking in no time! Ain’t they just adorable? Almost too cute to eat! HAH, just …

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Mini Easter Cakes with Chocolate Eggs


Wondering what to make for Easter dessert? Try these adorable mini Easter cakes with chocolate eggs and green grass. These colorful pink cakes are sure to brighten up any dessert table this spring! Do you love serving mini desserts too? These adorable little cakes from Lisa at Fabulous Habits are …

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Healthy Raspberry Lemon Hibiscus Marshmallows


  This recipe for Raspberry Lemon Hibiscus Marshmallows yields the lightest, fluffiest, and most flavorful mallows you could ever dream of! They’re sweet from the raspberries, tart from the lemon, and totally unique from the hibiscus.  Thankfully, these mallows aren’t unhealthy like the storebought kinds.  No need for the high …

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Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge

This Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge is just like regular fudge — super rich, uber decadent and tooth-achingly sweet — but it’s secretly healthy and guilt-free!  Yup, that means no three sticks of butter, no four cups of sugar and no heavy splashes of corn syrup or heavy cream…  just pure, fudgy …

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Healthy Matcha Coconut Truffles

Matcha and coconut pair together as well as peanut butter and chocolate…  or apples and cinnamon…  or sprinkles on donuts.  The matcha is earthy and slightly bitter while the coconut is rich with a natural sweetness — they’re just meant to be together.  That’s why I combined them in these Matcha …

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Healthier Brigadeiros

Have you ever had Brigadeiros?  They’re not a very common dessert here in the US, but they’re very popular in Brazil.  Made from sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and a generous coating of chocolate sprinkles, it’s safe to say they’re not the healthiest treat on earth.  But that’s about to …

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Healthy Almond Joy Candy Fudge

Ohhhh yes.  Almond Joy Candy Fudge.  My heart just skipped a beat! Ohhhh yes. Wait, did I say that already? It appears I did, but you can’t blame me…  I mean, c’mon, just look at that bite! Chocolate and coconut pair like no other, but the almond extract is what brightens up each bite. …

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