Archaeologists Find 2,300-Year-Old Bark Shield in England

A unique bark shield from the Iron Age has been discovered by a team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester and elsewhere. Archaeologist Adam Clapton records the Enderby shield in the ground. Image credit: University of Leicester Archaeological Services. The bark shield was found in 2015 at the Iron …

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Researchers Brew Beer with 5,000-Year-Old Yeasts

A multidisciplinary team of scientists has successfully isolated several yeast strains from ancient vessels excavated at archaeological sites in Israel. The researchers then brewed ‘aromatic and flavorful’ beer using the ancient yeast strains. Beer cruse from Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel. Image credit: Yaniv Berman / Israel Antiquities Authority. “We hypothesized that …

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Early Modern Humans Cooked and Ate Starchy Food

An international team of researchers has found numerous fragments of charred starch plant tissues in 120,000-year-old hearths at the archaeological site of Klasies River, the complex of caves and rock shelters located on the Tsitsikamma coast between Port Elizabeth and Plettenberg Bay in South Africa. This new evidence supports the …

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Scientists Find 1,000-Year-Old Shaman’s Bag in Bolivia

An international team of anthropologists and bioarchaeologists has found the primary ingredients of ayahuasca — a plant-based drink that is reported to induce hallucinations and altered consciousness — in a 1,000-year-old leather bundle from a rock shelter in the Bolivian Andes. Two of the artifacts from the 1,000-year-old ritual bundle …

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34,000-Year-Old Figurative Cave Paintings Found in Croatia


A team of archaeologists from the United States and Europe has revealed the first example of Paleolithic figurative cave art found in the Balkan region. Figurative paintings in Romualdova Pećina, Croatia: bison (1), ibex (2) and anthropomorphic figures (3). Image credit: Aitor Ruiz-Redondo. “The importance of this discovery is remarkable …

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