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Misfit Announces the Vapor X Smartwatch With Improved Hardware

  Google’s Wear OS platform has been lacking in compelling wearable hardware recently, but a new offering from Misfit might pique your curiosity. The Fossil sub-brand has just announced its third Android-powered smartwatch, the Misfit Vapor X. It compares very favorably with competing wearables, but it’s still hamstrung by Wear …

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10 for 10: Highlights from a Decade of Galaxy Innovation

What does 10 years of industry-leading mobile innovation look like? For the Galaxy range, it takes the form of smartphone displays that redefine immersion, enabling users to see and do more than ever before; performance technologies that keep users connected longer, more securely, and that much more comfortably; and software …

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Googler Shares 20x Zoom Photo Probably Taken on Pixel 4

  In the last few years, Google’s phones have gone from mediocre cameras to the absolute, undeniable kings of mobile photography. That is impressive enough, but Google also managed this without adding multiple camera sensors like most other manufacturers. The Pixel 4 will have two rear-facing camera sensors, and that …

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