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, Flash on Jupiter, Innovation ΛI

Flash on Jupiter

On the evening of Sept. 13, something hit Jupiter, producing an explosion and a flash of light visible even to amateur astronomers with off-the-shelf telescopes. Now, the hunt is on to figure out what the impactor could have been. The collision was first reported by Brazilian amateur astronomer José Luis …

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, Pathogenic Fungi, Innovation ΛI

Pathogenic Fungi

A new study in mice shows that normally, the immune system keeps potentially pathogenic fungi such as Candida albicans in check, targeting them when they switch into a state that can cause harm; when the system is off-balance, disease is more likely to occur. Candida albicans. Image credit: Stephanie Rossow …

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, Permian Period Shark, Innovation ΛI

Permian Period Shark

Paleontologists have uncovered seven well-preserved teeth from the extinct shark genus Petalodus in Shanxi province, China. Life restoration of Petalodus sharks. Image credit: Dinghua Yang. Petalodus is a small genus of Petalodontiformes, a intriguing group of extinct marine cartilaginous fish that flourished from the Carboniferous to the Permian period. First …

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, Rare Cambrian Worm, Innovation ΛI

Rare Cambrian Worm

A new genus and species of palaeoscolecid worm has been identified from two specimens found in the Burgess Shale-type deposits in Utah, the United States. Arrakiscolex aasei. Image credit: University of Missouri. Palaeoscolecida is a group of extinct ecdysozoan worms that existed from the Ealy Cambrian to the Late Silurian …

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, New Giant Penguin, Innovation ΛI

New Giant Penguin

A new species of large-sized penguin being named Kairuku waewaeroa has been identified from the fossilized bones found in Kawhia Harbour on the North Island of New Zealand. Life reconstruction of giant penguins. Image credit: Simone Giovanardi. Kairuku waewaeroa roamed Earth during the Oligocene epoch, between 27 and 35 million …

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, Google’s Title Change, Innovation ΛI

Google’s Title Change

Processings…Please wait. Google has confirmed that it not only made a change to what title it shows in the search results but also disclosed how much of a change it actually was. For the past few weeks, Google said it was using your chosen HTML title tag 80% of the …

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, Drive Revenue In Todays World, Innovation ΛI

Drive Revenue In Todays World

Processings…Please wait. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the sponsor. Buyers are using a full range of channels to do their own research and make decisions quickly, so it’s up to marketers to play a larger role to support the full buyer’s process to provide the right information …

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, New Bird Species, Innovation ΛI

New Bird Species

Paleontologists in China have identified a new species of pengornithid enantiornithine bird with a pair of elaborate tail feathers. An illustration showing what Yuanchuavis kompsosoura might have looked like in life. Image credit: Haozhen Zhang. Enantiornithes are the most successful group of Mesozoic birds, arguably representing the first global avian …

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, Window Fly Discovered, Innovation ΛI

Window Fly Discovered

Entomologists have described a new species in the window fly genus Scenopinus from Finland. Frontal view of male Scenopinus jerei. Image credit: Pohjoismäki & Haarto, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.1059.70085. Window flies are members of Scenopinidae, a small family of primitive flies belonging to the superfamily Asiloidea. They have a cosmopolitan distribution, with …

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, AMD’s Milan-X Epyc, Innovation ΛI

AMD’s Milan-X Epyc

There’s a new set of leaks around AMD’s next-generation server CPU, codenamed Milan-X. Milan-X uses the same microarchitecture as AMD’s current Milan, but with one significant difference: Up to 768MB of L3, divided between 8 chiplets and 64 cores. AMD’s plans to staple an extra 64MB of L3 cache per …

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, Mars Rock Sample, Innovation ΛI

Mars Rock Sample

Perseverance’s first cored-rock sample from Jezero Crater, Mars, is now enclosed in an airtight titanium sample tube, making it available for retrieval in the future, according to members of the Perseverance team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Through the Mars Sample Return campaign, NASA researchers and their colleagues from ESA …

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, XENON1T Experiment, Innovation ΛI

XENON1T Experiment

Some unexplained results from the XENON1T dark-matter detector — a 1,300-kg vat of super-pure liquid xenon shielded from cosmic rays in a cryostat submerged in water deep 1.5 km beneath the Gran Sasso mountains of Italy — may have been caused by dark energy particles produced in a region of …

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, Rebalancing Your Portfolio, Innovation ΛI

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

Despite chaotic headlines over the last year, the financial markets are mostly still riding high. What is going on? And, what are you supposed to do? A recent poll on NewRetirement found that most people with a retirement plan are simply sticking to their plan. They report that they have …

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, Google’s Project Taara, Innovation ΛI

Google’s Project Taara

Google runs a plethora of aspirational projects to explore one moonshot or another, but only some become real products. The company’s Project Loon internet balloons didn’t make the cut, having shut down in early 2021. However, one aspect of Loon has lived on to become its own Googley project. Google …

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, Gigantic Volcanic Explosions, Innovation ΛI

Gigantic Volcanic Explosions

Who doesn’t love gigantic, ancient volcanoes? Mars has a ton of volcanoes that come in sizes from huge to ridiculous. Today we learn that NASA scientists have uncovered evidence of explosive supervolcanoes in Arabia Terra, a battered upland region that we think is one of the oldest terrains on the …

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