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CES 2021 kicks off this week, and one of the first announcements out of the gate is from cabinet maker Arcade1Up. The company is known to make several announcements during CES, and this year, it’s unveiled six new cabinets and a four-player pub table. No prices or release dates have been announced for the new machines, though the full games list for each cabinet has been revealed. Arcade1Up is set to bring classic beat-em-ups, fighting games, and more to its 3/4-scale cabinet line.

Arcade1Up has six new cabinets in the works, including ones for the classic 1992 X-Men beat-em-up, the beloved Killer Instinct fighting games, and iconic Don Bluth laserdisc game Dragon’s Lair. All three feature more games than just what the cabinet advertises with its panel art–X-Men and Killer Instinct also have online multiplayer functionality.

The cabinet maker also unveiled its new Legacy Edition cabinet line, in which each machine pays tribute to a specific company’s past. The first three honor Atari with a Tempest machine, Capcom with a Street Fighter II machine, and Namco with a Pac-Man machine. These cabinets contain 12 games each, providing a range of titles.

Lastly, Arcade1Up revealed a new Pong pub table that allows for up to four players to gather around and play classic Atari multiplayer games. The cabinet also offers some single-player games, so if you’re lonely like me during the pandemic, there are still some great classics to entertain yourself with.

X-Men four-player cabinet (with riser)

Arcade1Up’s new X-Men cabinet features art from the 1992 Konami beat-em-up, though it is missing something from the original cabinet: controls for Player 5 and Player 6. The new Arcade1Up cabinet features online multiplayer, allowing you to play with others who own the same cabinet, though the company has not announced whether you’ll be able to play with a full team of six. The X-Men cabinet boasts two other Marvel games as well, including beat-em-up Captain America and the Avengers and fighting game The Avengers in Galactic Storm.

Included games:

Killer Instinct cabinet (with riser)

The new Killer Instinct cabinet brings the original Rare-developed fighting games to Arcade1Up’s 3/4-scale cabinet lineup. Like the X-Men cabinet, it features a matching riser and online multiplayer. In addition to Killer Instinct 1 and 2, it has the original Battletoads arcade game as well as Battletoads/Double Dragon–the latter only released on home consoles.

Included games:

Dragon’s Lair cabinet (with riser)

The Dragon’s Lair cabinet is the first from Arcade1Up to feature the same form factor and size as the original. Additionally, it features both Dragon’s Lair 1 and 2 as well as Space Ace. All three Don Bluth-designed games will be displayed in the original 4:3 aspect ratio.

Included games:

Atari Legacy Edition cabinet (with riser)

The first Legacy Edition cabinet pays tribute to Atari’s classic titles. While it boasts the unique Tempest cabinet design (complete with light-up marquee), it features faux coin slots, a 17-inch LCD display, and 12 different games.

Included games:

Capcom Legacy Edition cabinet (with riser)

The Capcom Legacy Edition cabinet features a design that evokes the original Street Fighter II cabinet. It comes with faux coin slots, a riser, and 12 games, six of which are different versions of Street Fighter II.

Included games:

Bandai Namco Legacy Edition cabinet (with riser)

The Bandai Namco Legacy Edition cabinet pays tribute to Namco’s arcade past, with an assortment of the company’s classic games and Pac-Land. Like other Legacy Edition cabinets, it has 12 games in total.

Included games:

Pong four-player pub table

Arcade1Up’s Pong four-player pub table is somewhat of a modern take on the classic cocktail table cabinets. It features controls for four different players and eight Atari games that put them to great use. Classic four-player games like Warlords and Quadrapong are included, as are games for one or two players like Tempest and classic Pong, respectively.

Included games:

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