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Mama Rabbit Bar At Park MGM

  Mama Rabbit Bar is a vibrant and dynamic Mexican taverna featuring Las Vegas largest collection of tequila and mezcal. A robust line up of live performances A bold and bright art program that pays homage to the region’s famously  vibrant art scene James Beard Award – winner Bricia Lopez …

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Bizwhiznetwork Home Of The Honey Coin

PURCHASE HONEYCOIN (THC)  This is our Copyright update as of August 2nd 2019 Introducing the worlds first hexagon cryptocurrency coin to date the  HoneyCoin (THC) © Copyright 2019, All Rights Reserved HoneyCoins is built on blockchain technology. A blockchain functions as a secure, public ledger of all transactions on …

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LG will reveal in the CES 2019 a brand-new TwinWash washer clothes dryer that allows handling up to three coladas at a time

LG is another of the companies that is committed to the remodelling of cooking area home appliances and makes it by hand its LG TWINWash washers. We fulfilled them almost a year earlier and now improvements are revealed from the Korean firm. The LG TWINWash washer is renewed for the …

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Drones, collapsible phones and voice assistants: Here’s what to anticipate from CES 2019|City A.M.

This week marks the dawn of CES 2019, an annual trade convention held in Las Vegas where startups and tech giants alike debut a few of the world’s hottest new devices. Following on from last year’s most popular trend, voice assistants and artificially intelligent items are expected to take centre …

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TCL teases CES 2019 lineup, new Alcatel smart devices, mobile screen innovation

The threat of IoT security is genuine. According to Gartner, there will be 25 billion connected things in use in about 2 years. As traditional security tools are not overtaking the fast-developing new tech, clever home service supplier Essene Group states it will introduce cyber business SigmaDots to address this …

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BTicino Living Now protagonista al CES 2019: la Smart House parla italiano

Una casa sempre più wise e connessa dove luci, tapparelle, termostati e videocitofoni dialogano con clever speaker e app, permettendo di risparmiare pace ed energia. È questa l’esperienza che BTicino offrirà ai visitatori dell’edizione 2019 del CES di Las Vegas, il più grande e influente evento al mondo dedicato alla …

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