Holiday gifts for each vital class of geek fandom

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“Have zero in your residence that we do not know to be useful or trust to be beautiful,” William Morris once wrote. In a suggestion of that quote, here’s a present beam that’s got something for each vital category of geek fandom. In fact, many of these are inexpensive adequate to be suitable for a $20 or reduction present exchange.

Classic sci-fi

William Gibson’s Neuromancer punches good above a weight as a first member of a cyberpunk genre. When we review this in high school, we took it with me everywhere until we was finished with it, reading it in category and shamelessly ignoring teachers.

Doctor Who

Be a Time Lord for a small while and swoop in wielding this sonic screwdriver that’s also indeed a real, useful screwdriver. It’s $35, and it takes a same distance hex-stock mini screwdriver pieces as your wiring micro screwdriver set.


George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, a books behind a Game of Thrones, is a sprawling, perplexing and enchanting read. Good for someone who unequivocally likes to hatred antagonists and watch people die. Hardbound, so that when your giftee fundamentally starts throwing a books, a ensuing drop is some-more satisfying.

For someone who tends to tumble for protagonists, enjoys Scottish accents, or has a thing for time travel, check out a Outlander series: after reading it we now wish to be Claire when we grow up. If your giftee is already into a array and they’ve review a books, try a hairy sweeping with Jamie Fraser’s design and house sign on it.

Gaming: Classic, console, PC and tabletop

Joss Whedon

Represent your fandom while remaining totally suitable for work with this $30 Serenity polo. It’s a single-color shirt with a collar, so it totally counts, solely instead of a small Champion alligator, it has a small conformation of Serenity. Embrace your Browncoat tendencies with ninja-like stealth.

Star Trek

Replica combadges from Star Trek: The Next Generation are zero surprising — though licensed, entirely organic badges that interface with your smartphone around Bluetooth and offer one-touch job or communication with services like Siri or Google Now? That’s something altogether different. This device supports Bluetooth 4.2, with a possess built-in microphone, micro-speakers by Massive Audio, a 33-foot operation (from your mothership bottom device), sound suppression, relate cancellation, and, of course, it creates a classical communicator sound outcome when we hold it. It’s $80, and it’s on pre-order, so take those dual things into consideration.

Sure, it’s silly. But it’s also awesome.

Star Wars

The Jedi Path and a Book of Sith are allied to a Art of War in a Star Wars universe, and for $30, they arrive hardbound in a beautiful box set. “With these dual titles, students of a Force can investigate and some-more entirely know a formidable powers of good and evil.”

Superheroes: DC and Marvel


Be certain we can hoop whatever life or undeath throws during we with a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide. The book discusses a finer distinctions between quick and delayed zombies, preparedness measures, and presence when a smarts strike a fan.

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