LG Research Study Claims Xbox Players Are ‘Better’ At Games than PC and PS4 Players– Game Rant

Tech huge LG just recently performed a study in collaboration with video game publisher Activision where its objective was to identify if PC, PS4, or Xbox users were “better “players. According to LG, the outcomes of the research study show that Xbox players are” much better “at video games than those who game on PC and PS4, with PC gamers faring the worst.

strike 74 % of the targets, and PC gamers had the ability to hit 70 % of the targets. However, while PC players struggled with accuracy, they were revealed to react faster to the targets than their console counterparts. The test can be found by clicking here, and was apparently taken into place to promote the launch of Call of Responsibility: Black Ops 4. The outcomes of the test are suspect, though, and not very scientific. After all, players could just lie about whatever their platform of option is, and after that purposefully do worse in an attempt to skew the results.

seems more like a marketing ploy on tactic part of LG. In journalism release about the study, LG marketing manager David Hall stated,"No matter how you pick to play, we're dedicated to producing the very best video gaming experience we can, with our series of low latency 4K HDR gaming TVs designed to do video games justice. " eval (ez_write_tag ([ [300,250], 'gamerant_com-box-4000006', 'ezslot_4']); While this research study is plainly flawed, the outcomes may still be intriguing to some gamers. However, it's not likely to settle the ongoing argument about which gaming platform is best.

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