GPU sales surged in 2016 on clever direct for high-end desktop, laptop gaming


After Nvidia’s record-breaking entertain progressing this month, it was transparent that a altogether gaming marketplace had to be in sincerely good shape. New information confirms this trend, both relations to a prior entertain and a same duration a year ago. No matter where we look, altogether gaming shipments are adult — though a gains from those improvements aren’t being widespread equally between AMD and Nvidia.

This new information is pleasantness of John Peddie Research and has been extensively discussed by Anandtech. First, a ubiquitous marketplace news — gaming GPU sales have rebounded to an estimated 13 million section shipments between AMD and Nvidia, with AMD accounting for roughly 3.8 million units compared to Nvidia’s estimated 9.25 million units. That’s a best quarterly opening given 2013 and it arrives while a rest of a PC attention continues to contract. Clearly there’s some law to a justification that gaming and other high-end boutique products have turn a success story of a PC business. It also explains because we’ve seen so many firms perplexing to pull into high-end machines as against to lovely mass marketplace hardware.

JPR also reports that sales of mainstream cards are dropping off compared to higher-end equipment. This has always been approaching to some degree, given solid improvements to APU hardware fundamentally obviates a graphics cards that used to contest in that space. AMD and Nvidia both rested their $100 segments in 2016, though it wouldn’t warn us if both companies eventually transition to focusing on a $150 and adult segment.

One of a many engaging aspects of this news is AMD’s GPU shipments by entertain from 2009 to a benefaction day.


AMD’s section shipments hold sincerely solid via 2013 though declined neatly thereafter. In Q1 2014, AMD shipped 4.9 million GPUs. In Q2 2015, a association bottomed out during 1.69 million GPUs, a decrease of 66%. In Feb 2014, we disturbed that a swell in cryptocurrency mining could have inauspicious consequences for AMD’s GPU marketplace share, and in retrospect, that’s precisely what happened.

For those of we who don’t recall: In 2013, cryptocurrency mining and prevalent conjecture sent GPU prices skyrocketing, only as AMD launched a new Hawaii refresh. This conditions took months to settle down, kneecapping AMD’s ability to seed GPUs into a market. GPUs that should have sole for $300 were attack $500, while $500 cards were adult to scarcely $1000. While this competence have been a cost that cryptocurrency miners were peaceful to pay, a gaming marketplace wasn’t — and given AMD wasn’t behind a increasing prices, a association didn’t record any increasing income off a gouging.

According to Anandtech’s data, Nvidia’s shipments increasing from 8.68 million GPUs in Q2 2013 to 9.74 million in Q4 2013, while AMD’s sales sum indeed fell, from 5.32 million units in Q2 to 5.25 million in Q4. By a center of 2014, a cryptocurrency bang was over, though by afterwards Nvidia’s Maxwell family was on a horizon. Fiji helped modernise AMD’s product line, though a large burst from 2.82 million to 3.8 million units in Q3 2016 was a initial critical swell we’ve seen for Team Red in years. It’s a certain development, though it also highlights only how distant AMD had fallen. Nvidia’s outrageous gaming income boost, from $781 million in Q2 of a FY 2017 to $1244 million in Q3 FY 2017 is serve justification that most of a PC income gains are pier adult on Team Green’s side of a equation.

AMD is picking adult a possess increasing income interjection to a Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro modernise cycles, though it creates comparatively low margins on a console business due to how it structured a kingship payments from Microsoft and Sony. AMD’s sum CPU and GPU business income (Computing and Graphics) shred was $472 million in Q3 2016. Five years ago, AMD available Q3 2011 CPU and APU sales of $1.286 billion, while graphics accounted for $403 million. In other words: AMD’s total CPU and GPU business, not counting a console revenue, is only 27% a distance it was 5 years ago. We’re blissful to see a GPU side of a PC business recovering, though AMD has nonetheless to betray some-more information about a Vega launch skeleton over saying it will launch a design in a initial half of 2017, and right now, high-end gamers are clearly gnawing adult Pascal hardware, not watchful around to see what AMD can build.

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