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Some AMD RX 460s can be modded to clear blank cores, additional performance

RX 460

From time to time, AMD and Nvidia redeem a GPU that can be modded to duty like a opposite category of card. In a aged days, there were supposed “soft mods” that could brand consumer GPUs as workstation equivalents to urge harmony with several applications, and there’ve been a series of GPUs that could be modded around BIOS replacement. These modifications possibly set new time rates and memory frequencies or clear additional cores within a GPU itself.

There’s a approach to perform this pretence on a RX 460 as well, and it can clear 128 GPU cores that are benefaction on-die though not enabled in a bottom RX 460 part. If achieved rightly (and if a ascent works), you’ll clear an additional 128 GPU cores, or about 14.3% some-more than a GPU ships with by default (from 896 cores to 1,024). You’ll also get 64 hardness mapping units, adult from 56 in a bottom part.


This beam comes pleasantness of der8auer during a Overclocking Guide and has been tested on both an Asus Strix 4GB and a Sapphire Nitro 4GB. In any case, a clear finished flawlessly, though there are a few things to be wakeful of if we confirm to go this route. First, there are dual reasons since a association thatch off GPU cores: Either to sell a chip into a sold marketplace shred during a reduce price, or to redeem a bad chip and position it as a good one. In a initial case, you’ll be means to clear these cores usually excellent — AMD incited them off to strike shred positions, not since there was a problem with a GPU cores. In a second case, we might be means to clear a GPU, though it won’t describe properly. Issues could lift from artifacts to tough thatch depending on a inlet of a problem, and there’s no approach to envision that you’ll confront or what a formula will be.

How most alleviation you’ll see depends on a GPU we use and a batch clocks; der8auer’s published benchmarks uncover a Asus Strix using slower than a Sapphire label during batch speeds though picking adult some-more opening from a BIOS peep (10% normal vs. 5% for Sapphire). The GPUs thermal form is still expected calibrated to an 896-core card, that means that it might stifle behind some-more during aloft time rates or need a voltage daub to be ideally stable.

Don’t demeanour for outrageous gains — a RX 460 pattern is disabled by a comparatively low series of describe outputs (ROPS), with usually 16 of them compared with 32 ROPS on Nvidia’s GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti. Because unlocking a core doesn’t get we any additional describe outputs, games that are fillrate-limited will see usually a medium opening improvement. Still, an additional 5-10% isn’t bad — usually make certain we know a risks before we fiddle with your GPU’s BIOS.

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