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Top 8 Healthy Nutritious Snacks For Kids

Finding healthy foods for kids can be tedious and making them eat that food is even more struggling. Children like to eat whatever is colorful, tasty, sugary and quickly available when they are hungry. Healthy snacks for kids are as important as breakfast and a good night’s sleep. With their …

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Top 7 Incredible Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

Green smoothies make the perfect way to sneak extra greens into children and green phobic adults. Here are some health benefits of green smoothies. Green smoothies are an excellent and nutritious meal substitute and snack to have. Because green smoothies are green from their vegetable content, they provide lots of …

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6 Benefits of Green Smoothie for Skin

Green smoothies skin benefits really are a bit of a twist around the traditional concept of what can get into fruit smoothie recipes. Glowing skin is an asset anyone would like to have. And if you’re aiming to have better health and better looking skin, a nutritious glass of green …

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Side Effects of Spirulina Supplements

Spirulina side effects can sometimes occur if you consume more than 50g per day As with most dietary Spirulina supplements. Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae that grows in alkaline water, both in the sea and fresh water. It is cultivated all over the world and is often found in …

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7,000 Research Studies Confirm Turmeric Is Life-changing: 7 Amazing Dishes


They call it the “Golden spice” due to its color and important medical benefits also. Turmeric’s Health Benefits Turmeric is so effective since of the wealth of beneficial compounds that are present within it. It has anti-bacterial, anticarcinogenic, antioxidant, antimutagenic, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties. It is …

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The Inner Thigh Workout You Can Do with Gliders

Photo: Daily Burn Forget the thigh gap or even worrying about the size and shape of your legs. It’s strengthening your thighs that really matters. Strong inner thighs — or adductors — help improve core control (they do help make up the five muscles that attach to the pelvis, after …

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The Kitchen Tools These Bloggers Can’t Live Without

Successful meal prepping can mean winning healthy eating for the week versus three consecutive nights of “Oops, I guess we’ll have takeout again.” It can save money, reduce food waste, and relieve the stress of finding a quick, healthy, budget-friendly meal at the last-minute on a busy day. But of …

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