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Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights

Photo: Twenty20 If you’ve ever passed up the elliptical for free weights, you need no introduction to the growing squad of strong AF ladies out there. And with campaigns like “Run Like a Girl” and “My Beauty, My Say,” the idea of mainstream beauty has evolved to include images of …

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Deep Freeze: Does Cryotherapy Really Work?

Photo: Pond5 Would you believe that exposing your body temperatures of negative 182 to 292 degrees Fahrenheit is actually more enjoyable than getting hit with a blast of freezing wind on an icy day? That’s what I found out when I visited KryoLife, a New York City cryotherapy center, on …

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The Beginner’s Guide to Collagen Powder (Plus Recipes!)

If you’re looking for a new way to keep your post-workout glow, a spoonful of collagen might help your skin stay radiant, supple and wrinkle-free. But it’s got some muscle-building benefits, too. Frances Largeman-Roth, nutrition expert and author of Eating in Color, says, “Muscles are damaged during a tough workout, …

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What Trainers Really Drink at Happy Hour

It might seem like that superhuman specimen leading your spin class never strays a moment from strictly counting macros or meal prepping their lunches. Wrong! Turns out, you might just find your trainer on the next stool at the bar. Hey, who can say ‘no’ to a full-bodied wine or …

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