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7 All-Natural Products


Today, many people are becoming ethical shoppers and aiming to choose products that are sustainable and environment-friendly, and that support the community and local sellers. This consumer interest has led to an increasing number of all-natural products on the market today. If it’s time for you to switch up the …

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Semiconductor Shortage


  The ongoing semiconductor shortage isn’t just hitting big-name tech companies like AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. According to multiple automotive manufacturers, the general manufacturing problems hitting the industry are now meaningfully slowing vehicle production. “This is absolutely an industry issue,” Toyota spokesman Scott Vazin told the AP. “We are evaluating …

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NASA Europa Clipper


  Many planetary scientists believe that Europa might be our best bet to find evidence of alien life in our own backyard. Although, it’s a big backyard, and the planned Europa Clipper mission needs a powerful rocket to reach the Jovian moon. Congress previously required that this mission launch on …

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NASA Extends Missions


  NASA builds its hardware to last. Missions like Curiosity, Hubble, and New Horizons have survived long past their initial design life. This allows NASA to wring out every bit of science from its most successful missions, and now you can add Juno and InSight to the list. NASA has …

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Evolutionary Link


Paleontologists have described the first three-dimensional preservation of soft tissue in Namacalathus hermanastes, a skeletal metazoan (multicellular animal) that lived some 547 million years ago (Ediacaran period) in what is now Namibia, and established a strong evolutionary link between Ediacaran and early Cambrian metazoans. Namacalathus (individuals numbered). Centimeter scale. Image …

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Quantum Phenomenon


A team of physicists from the United States and Japan has experimentally observed a phenomenon called quantum oscillation in a two-dimensional topological insulator — monolayer tungsten ditelluride (WTe2). The team’s findings, published in the journal Nature, hint at the existence of an entirely new type of quantum particle — a …

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Google Performance Report


  Google launched a new dedicated performance report within Google Search Console for Google News publishers. This report will show on the left sidebar under the “Performance” section for any site that appears in Google News. What is the Google News performance report. This report shows you clicks, impressions and …

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Panasonic Wireless Charger


It’s CES 2021, and although we’re not live from Las Vegas, there’s plenty that companies want to share with us in digital form. Take Panasonic’s new wireless phone charger for the car, which forgoes in-place charging coils for mobile ones. To make clear what I mean by that — this …

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Mobileye Online at CES 2021


The year’s biggest tech expo is almost upon us. And while this year’s CES is being held exclusively online in a virtual format, Mobileye will still be present in a big way with several events that participants can tune into from the comfort of their homes, offices, and home offices. …

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LG has unveiled its next generation of top-tier TVs at CES 2021, with OLED very much remaining the flagship technology in the Korean company’s TV offering. Say hello to the LG G1 and C1 OLED TV ranges, which span seven panel sizes and offer more gaming features than anywhere else, …

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