Scientists Sequence Spider Glue Genes

Researchers have published the first-ever complete sequences of two genes that allow spiders to produce glue, a modified version of silk that keeps a spider’s prey stuck in its web. Droplets of water and glue on spider silk. Image credit: Hans Braxmeier. Spiders use a suite of remarkable silk and …

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Google launches new search menu with icons

After a few months of testing it now appears Google has started rolling out the new search bar with icons. Instead of just using text to show the various search categories or verticals for news, video, images, maps, shopping and so on – Google is showing icons that represent those …

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At a Glance: Velocity Micro Raptor Z55 (2019) Review

  At first glance, Velocity Micro’s Raptor Z55 (starts at $1,249; $2,999 as tested) could easily be mistaken for your everyday home computer. Slap a Dell logo on the front and many people would accept it as just another office PC. But underneath its almost entirely black aluminum exterior rests …

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