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Security Researcher


  The SolarWinds saga keeps getting worse as time goes by. Several days ago, news broke that some 18,000 companies had been compromised by a nation-state actor. The attackers in question are believed to be affiliated with Cozy Bear, aka APT29, aka the Russian government. The hack has hit multiple …

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Intel’s Iris Xe Max


  The first thing I want to say here is that the Intel Iris Xe Max is not marketed as a gaming GPU, even though it’s a discrete solution. It is, however, identical to the well-received 11th Gen integrated GPU, and should therefore have at least some basic gaming capabilities. …

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Cretaceous Dinosaur


A maned theropod dinosaur with elaborate filamentous structures has been identified by a research team led by University of Portsmouth paleontologists. Life restoration of Ubirajara jubatus. Image credit: Bob Nicholls, The newly-discovered dinosaur species lived about 110 million years ago (Aptian stage of the Cretaceous period) in what is …

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ClickUp Productivity Space


  Few young software companies have had as great a year as San Diego-based ClickUp. The company, which makes business productivity tools for task management, goals and docs, raised its first bit of outside funding in mid-2020. Just six months later, it has reached a $1 billion valuation after doubling …

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Treat Metabolic Syndrome


Water suppresses vasopressin, a hormone linked to fructose-induced obesity and diabetes, according to a new study published in the journal JCI Insight. Andres-Hernando et al. suggest that increased water intake may be a beneficial way to both prevent or treat metabolic syndrome. Image credit: Bernd Scheumann. “The clinical significance of …

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Google Analytics 4


The one constant in website data is it’s always changing, and Google Analytics is no different. In October, Google announced the release of Google Analytics 4 (previously called App + Web), billing it as an analytics tool that provides smarter insights to improve ROI as digital marketing moves to a …

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Google Ads Editor v1.5


Google has announced it released version 1.5 of the Google Ads Editor. Google Ads Editor is downloadable application for managing your Google Ads campaigns. Some advertisers find it more efficient to use the Ads Editor to manage their campaigns over using the web interface. Google said “this release includes new …

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Microsoft Duo In 2021


  Microsoft has made phones in the past, but they all ran the now-defunct Windows Mobile or Windows Phone OS. The Surface Duo, which launched last summer, is Microsoft’s first Android phone. The $1,400 dual-screen device hasn’t been in the news much since its release, but now Microsoft is promising …

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Triassic Omnivorous


A team of paleontologists from the University of Bristol and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History has digitally reconstructed the brain of Thecodontosaurus antiquus, a species of small sauropodomorph dinosaur that lived some 205 million years ago (Late Triassic epoch), and found that this dinosaur may have eaten meat, …

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Ancient Corn Domestication


The domestication of corn (Zea mays ssp. mays), a global food staple with great economic and cultural importance, began in southwestern Mexico 9,000 years ago and humans dispersed this important grain to South America by at least 7,000 years ago as a partial domesticate. South America served as a secondary …

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