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Making Super Tomatoes


  Humans have been grafting plants onto other plants for thousands of years, but only in the last few generations have we understood the genetic implications of the technique. Researchers from Penn State and the University of Florida partnered with a Nebraska startup to combine genetically “stressed” roots with regular …

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New Pterosaur Species


A new genus and species of dsungaripterid pterosaur that lived during the Early Cretaceous epoch has been identified from the incomplete lower jaws found in China. Life reconstruction of Ordosipterus planignathus. Image credit: Chuang Zhao. Pterosaurs are highly successful flying reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs, between …

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Flavanol-Rich Diet


Consuming a high-flavanol diet was associated with a significantly lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure and was inversely associated with blood lipids in a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports. Flavanols are a large group of flavonoids, which include catechin, epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate and epigallocatechin gallate. They …

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Leverage Public Data


Recently I’ve seen people mention the difficulty of generating content that can garner massive attention and links. They suggest that maybe it’s better to focus on content without such potential that can earn just a few links but do it more consistently and at higher volumes. In some cases, this …

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Psykhe Secures Seed Funding


In an overcrowded market of online fashion brands, consumers are spoilt for choice on what site to visit. They are generally forced to visit each brand one by one, manually filtering down to what they like. Most of the experience is not that great, and past purchase history and cookies …

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Google Personalization


Following the lead of Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox, this January Google announced the end of support for third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022. Simultaneously, the company promoted its “Privacy Sandbox” initiative as an industry collaboration to develop new privacy friendly methods of audience targeting that don’t rely on unique IDs or …

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Google Deal Seekers


Along with updates for merchants’ holiday Shopping campaign efforts, on Thursday, Google announced consumer-facing updates in Shopping that retail marketers should pay attention to — particularly as it relates to the importance of pricing and promotions. Retail advertisers will also have access to more reporting and performance insights for Shopping …

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OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft


  NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has completed the most critical phase of its mission: booping an asteroid. The probe has been orbiting the asteroid Bennu for almost two years, but yesterday it descended to the surface to scoop up a few grams of precious primordial material for eventual return to Earth. …

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New Organ Discovered


Our body contains a pair of previously overlooked and clinically relevant nasopharyngeal salivary glands, according to new research led by the Netherlands Cancer Institute and the University of Amsterdam. Sparing these newly-identified glands, named the ‘tubarial glands,’ in patients receiving radiotherapy may provide an opportunity to improve their quality of …

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Where Can DJ LeMahieu Go?


With Gleyber Torres at second base, Didi Gregorius coming back from elbow surgery to play shortstop and Miguel Andújar at third, what need did New York have for LeMahieu? LeMahieu was coming off of an average season in Colorado, and while he had won the 2016 National League batting title …

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