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Quadruple Helix DNA


A team of scientists from the United Kingdom and Spain has demonstrated that a technique called fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy in conjunction with a fluorescent probe can identify four-stranded ‘quadruple helix’ DNA structures within nuclei of live cells. Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy map of nuclear DNA in live cells stained …

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New Species of Bat


An international team of researchers has discovered a new dichromatic species of bat in the Guinean Nimba Mountains belonging in the genus Myotis. An artist’s impression of Myotis nimbaensis. Image credit: Patricia Wynne. Myotis is the most speciose genus of bats with over 120 living species and a range that …

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AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs


  AMD’s CEO Lisa Su delivered the virtual CES 2021 keynote this year. The company made several announcements during the event, including the launch of its Ryzen 5000 mobile processors and a preview of what we can expect when third-generation Epyc, codenamed Milan, debuts later this year. The Ryzen 5000 …

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AMD Threadripper Pro


  AMD will bring its eight-channel Threadripper Pro systems to the retail market, opening up the segment. Previously, the eight-channel Threadripper Pro variant was only available to OEMs (we’ve got a review coming on one of these Lenovo systems, with comparison against the 3990X). AMD’s Threadripper and Threadripper Pro platforms …

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Intel Enhanced 7nm Node


  One of the biggest questions facing Intel as we move into 2021 is the degree to which the company will rely on third-party foundries for its leading-edge products. Over the past year or so, Intel has announced that it would tap foundry partners for a wider range of products, …

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Qualcomm CPU Development


  Qualcomm has announced that it will acquire Nuvia, one of several ARM-based startups we’ve had our eye on for some time. Qualcomm’s purchase of Nuvia caps a several-year saga in which the company has been both all-in on its custom CPU designs and conclusively out of that market. Back …

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Dog Domestication


New research led by the University of Helsinki suggests that dog domestication needs to be understood in terms of competition over resources in the particularly severe environment that prevailed in northern Eurasia during the latter part of the Last Ice Age (29,000 to 14,000 years ago). Humans feeding leftover lean …

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Fossils Found In Cuba


A new species of small vulture that lived during the Quaternary period in the Greater Antilles has been identified from fossils found in western Cuba. Hypothetical reconstruction of the Emslie’s vulture (Cathartes emsliei). Image credit: William Suárez. “Two species of New World vultures (family Cathartidae) form part of the modern …

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Drinking Oolong Tea


In a study published recently in the journal Nutrients, oolong tea and pure caffeine increased fat breakdown by about 20% in the healthy volunteers; oolong tea continued to have an effect while the participants were asleep. Ingredients in oolong tea can stimulate fat oxidation. Image credit: The various types …

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Drata Raises $3.2M


Drata, a startup that helps businesses get their SOC 2 compliance, today announced that it has raised a $3.2 million seed round led by Cowboy Ventures and that it is coming out of stealth. Other investors include Leaders Fund, SV Angel and a group of angel investors. Like similar services, …

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