Wicked Audio Announces Four New In-Ear Headphones at CES 2019

With CES 2019 in full swing, there will be business left and right revealing trendy new gadgets for all of us to enjoy. If you’re a fan of headphones, focus– Wicked Audio is revealing four brand-new cordless in-ear headphones additions to their line: Dunmore, Portal, Syver, and Gnar.

Wicked Audio Dunmore

The first of the 4 Wicked Audio headphones is the Dunmore series revealed above. The most versatile addition to their audio line, Dunmore is a really wireless set of wireless earbuds that boast a prolonged battery life of 6 total hours in the ear; they feature a charging case that will not just charge the earbuds but extra gadgets like a smart device. The Dunmore also comes complete with an IPX5 waterproof rating, so it is fantastic for running outdoors in the rain. Their cost is not offered at this time, however the Dunmore will be offered this spring.

Wicked Audio Portal

If you tend to lose really cordless earbuds but still desire to go un-tethered, you must take a look at the Portal neck-lock design Bluetooth earbuds. With a rubber product housing and angled housing so they won’t be unpleasant to wear throughout the day, the Website by Wicked Audio will be available in the spring.

Wicked Audio Syver

Wicked Audio’s Syver is another genuinely wireless pair of earphones that boast IP65 waterproofing, and dust resistance, which is fantastic for carefree use on-the-go. What makes these earphones a bit more special is that they come with a travel speaker and charging case, which works completely for activities like camping or hiking. For someone like me, this will be fantastic when I remain in the kitchen area and desire to hear what’s going on in the background a bit more; I can constantly just turn the Bluetooth speaker on while charging my headphones for later use. You can expect the Syver this spring.

Wicked Audio Gnar

There’s the Wicked Audio Gnar, which is the more economical genuinely wireless alternative by Wicked Audio. While there’s no set cost since yet, Wicked Audio is calling Gnar a “budget-friendly real cordless earbud that won’t spend a lot.” Gnar will have ambient noise defense, enabling you to hear your surroundings, all while having terrific audio quality when listening to your music, motion pictures, or podcasts. There’s an internal mic with full controls that allow you to play/pause, as well as response or reject calls without even needing to pull your phone out of your pocket. Gnar will likewise be offered this spring.

If you ‘d like more information about any of these brand-new Wicked Audio offerings, watch on their site.

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