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Electric movement is one the key forward-thinking subjects at CES 2019. Automotive and commercial supplier Schaeffler forecasts that in 2030 some 30 percent of all newly registered automobile will be totally electric, 40 percent moved by hybrid powertrains, to put it simply a mix of a standard IC engine and an electrical motor, so 70 percent of all automobile will be using a minimum of one electrical motor as a source of propulsion.

At CES, Schaeffler will display displays extending from a hybrid module through to the 1,200-hp Schaeffler 4ePerformance concept that show how fascinating and sustainable electric movement services from Schaeffler can be.

Schaeffler hybrid module for American leading sellers

At CES, Schaeffer will showcase a hybrid module allowing OEMs to electrify the pick-up trucks that enjoy specific popularity in the U.S. market. The compact P2 hybrid module fits in between the IC engine and the transmission which makes it appropriate for integration into existing lorry ideas as well. It makes it possible for both a boost function and “coasting” with the IC engine turned off as well as all-electric driving. The hybrid module shown at CES improves both fuel economy and driving satisfaction.

E-axle for agile handling

The e-axle developed by Schaeffler offers even higher adaptability. It can be used either as a stand-alone system or extend an existing front- or rear-wheel drive into a full-fledged all-wheel drive system. The power output with wheel-selective control is another advantage. Due to torque vectoring, a circulation of torque in between the right and left wheels, security, driving dynamics and trip convenience are significantly enhanced. Subsequently, the e-axle presented at CES provides efficient driving characteristics interventions for hybrid and battery-electric lorries too.

Fascinating e-mobility: the Schaeffler 4ePerformance idea vehicle

In the type of the Schaeffler 4ePerformance concept lorry, Schaeffler has actually put an especially fascinating ambassador of electric mobility on wheels that will be another emphasize at Schaeffler’s CES cubicle. The 4ePerformance supplies a great example of the technology transfer from racing into a near-production drive principle. The completely electrical car utilizes 4 Formula E motors with total power output of 880 kW (1,200 hp).

Schaeffler benefits from experience in standard powertrain innovation

In the advancement of electrical powertrain elements, Schaeffler advantages from the experience the business has acquired in traditional powertrains with IC engines, for instance in digital simulation. The know-how from the advancement of starting components like the torque converter or the double-clutch broadens the advancement and manufacturing proficiency offered at Schaeffler. Combined with its technology expertise, paired with extensive systems understanding, Schaeffler is currently in a position today to use its partners fully developed elements and system solutions in the field of electric movement. At the exact same time, Schaeffler is continually expanding its areas of competence.

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