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Why Drinking Water Helps with Weight Loss


Drinking plenty of water helps boost your metabolic rate and make you feel more energetic. Increased metabolic rate results in weight loss.

Drinking water is one of the easiest efforts you can incorporate into your weight loss or weight maintenance plan. Drinking more than 3 liters of water in a day will help to increase your metabolism rate. This in turn will help you exercise better to burn off the calories.

To lose weight with water, there are certain diets you can turn to. Water recipes with lemon, honey and other ingredients added will make a big difference when it comes to weight loss. If you have any other remedy to lose weight, you can follow that along with some of these water tricks. When you add a good amount of water to your daily diet, you are also flushing out toxins from your body. Drinking plenty of water helps boost your metabolic rate and make you feel more energetic. Increased metabolic rate results in weight loss.

lose weight with water

So, if you want to lose weight with water and a good diet, then here are some of the weight loss tips to add to your agenda. Take a look at these simple ways to lose weigh.

Metabolism Booster

Water fasting for weight loss is one of the best ways to lose weight fast. You can follow it for 1- 40 days. You may start with one day per week. You are not supposed to eat any solid food when on fast. Water fasting for 10-15 days, once or twice a year helps maintain both the health and the weight. Water fasting promotes aggressive cleansing of the body and improves the rate of metabolism.

Detoxifying Agent

While burning calories, toxins are created in the body. Air and water pollution leads to excessive exposure to poisonous substances. We tend to ingest/inhale certain toxins every day. As toxins accumulate in the body, the rate of metabolism slows down. Water plays a vital role in flushing the unwanted toxins out of the body. This helps speed up the metabolism.

Appetite Suppressant

Drinking plenty of water helps reduce the quantity of frequent snacking. By drinking water, you feel satiated for a longer period. Drinking more water before meals may develop a sense of fullness in the person, which can make him consume less calories. Here, water plays the role of an appetite suppressant.

Hydration and Fitness

Dehydration (scarcity of water in the body) leads to several health complications. Proper hydration of cells helps reduce muscle and joint soreness when exercising. Water helps improve muscle tone too. If you perform intensive exercises regularly and if you do not drink sufficient water, then you may suffer from serious disorders. So, you should drink ample water if you want to lose weight fast.

Water Retention and Removal of Water

Your body has a tendency to store more water if you consume low amounts of water. Water retention leads to weight gain. You can curb this body tendency to some extent by a regular supply of excess water. You should drink ample water daily. This would help release the stored water, and you would be able to see the Signs of weight loss. As you start losing weight, initial weight loss is mostly due to loss of water and so you need to drink more water to avoid the risk of dehydration.

Which Type of Water is Good for Weight Loss

Coconut Water for Weight Loss

Coconut Water for Weight Loss

These days, various types of water are available in the market. Tap water, mineral water, vitamin water, distilled water, flavored water, etc. Water fasting tips suggest that you should not use tap water for drinking purposes. If you want to drink plenty of water to lose weight fast, then you should consume distilled water. It is best for body cleansing, because it inherits magnetic properties. Distilled water has the ability to absorb and remove large quantities of toxins from the cells. It promotes easy and fast flushing of toxins. Mineral water is not recommended for drinking, if you are thinking of losing weight by following a ‘water diet’. If distilled water is not easily available, then spring or filtered water should be consumed.

Coconut Water for Weight Loss

You can lose weight naturally with the help of coconut water. Coconut water is a wonderful gift of nature. Studies show that coconut water is next to water in its natural form and it offers the same benefits as water. Coconut water enhances the rate of metabolism, it is not high in sugars and it promotes healthy thyroid function, which in turn helps speed up the metabolism.

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