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8 Healthy Superfoods that Help Balance Hormones


If you are looking for some foods to eat to balance hormones in the body, then you are on the right page. Read on to know which foods help prevent hormonal imbalance.

Hormones are our body’s control system. But when they are disrupted with chemicals that lurk in through processed foods, scented fresheners and candles, our health gets affected. Unhealthy hormone levels will therefore increase the chance of many chronic diseases and some type of cancers. Nature offers us the best foods for hormonal balance that make us feel satisfied, lose extra fat and combat disease conditions.

Foods That Naturally Balance Hormones:

Foods to Eat to Balance Hormones


Raw carrots have a unique fiber which will detox any excess estrogen from your body. Since both men and women who have a hormonal imbalance will usually suffer from estrogen dominance, this is a crucial role in bringing your hormones back under control. The thing to remember, however, is to not use cooked carrots or baby carrots.

Coconut Oil

This oil contains lauric acid, a substance that helps the skin heal and is extremely beneficial when it comes to hormone production. It will additionally help to kill viruses and harmful bacteria within the body, speed up your metabolism, be easy to digest, and provide you with quick energy.


Flaxseed should always be part of a hormone balancing diet as it is the best source of estrogen, an essential hormone for both women and men. In addition, flaxseed has a high fiber content, assisting with digestion and helping you feel full. This fiber content combined with low cholesterol also makes them popular for weight loss. They even contain the omega-3 fatty acids from plants which encourage heart health.


This food is rich in healthy fats so our body is better able to absorb and use nutrients. Avocados also contain magnesium, potassium, fiber, folic acid, vitamin E, and B vitamins, all of which work together to maintain hormonal balance.

Sesame Seeds

There are phytoestrogens within sesame seeds (and sesame seed oil), making them an ideal addition to your diet when trying to balance your hormones. They also contain a great deal of fiber and other minerals, making them the perfect snack or addition to a meal. They taste delicious when sprinkled on salads.


Bran not only contains phytoestrogens to help you maintain your hormonal balance, but it can also help reduce any symptoms associated with having low estrogen level. Bran also contains fiber, which makes them even more helpful for a healthy diet.

Eat Organic Apples

Eat Organic Apples


It may sounds like common sense saying that broccoli is good for you, but you may not know that it is jam-packed with the natural compound, phytoestrogens, which promote healthy hormone balance in the body. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins aid with collagen production and UV ray protection.

Organic Apples

Apples contain a flavanoid antioxidant, quercetin that has phytoestrogenic nature. Eating an apple every day keeps most of the chronic disease risks at bay. It also improves the age and reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer and type II diabetes.

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