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Honey Diet Plan: You Can Lose Weight Faster


Honey is a natural sweetener that contains many vitamins (vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6 and C), minerals and carbohydrates. This article provides some information on Honey Diet Plan.

Honey is a natural source of carbohydrates and is a great energy booster. Helps fight fatigue and increase endurance and is especially useful for athletes. The glucose in honey is absorbed quickly and gives you a quick energy boost, while the fructose offering provides a slow and long-lasting energy. In combination with water, honey can be an effective tool for weight loss.

What is the honey diet?

Honey diet for weight loss

Honey diet is based upon the principle that this golden liquid causes metabolic changes in the body that will result in the disappearance of sugar craving, as well as burning calories even while sleeping. There is no more calorie counting, expensive weight loss menu and hunger, and we still can lose a kilogram in a week – in principle.

Founder of the honey diet, Mike McInnes, discovered that athletes who ate foods rich in fructose such as honey burnt a lot more fats and had increased stamina levels as well. Honey acts as a fuel to make the liver produce glucose. This glucose keeps the brain sugar levels high and forces it to release fat burning hormones.

To benefit from the honey diet, simply replace your sugar intake with honey, throughout the day. In addition to that you should consume three spoonfuls of honey with hot water every night before bed. Combine this with an exercise regime (try and exercise three times a week) and you will notice a sizeable drop in your weight. The study showed that the mechanism in the brain that caused the sugar craving could be shut down completely with this honey routine.

Honey Diet for Weight loss:

  • Honey burns body fat and slims you fast. Honey has many health benefits which provides sufficient nutrition while dieting.

    honey diet plan

    honey diet plan

  • Honey is generally consumed with water. It can be consumed with hot water to burn body fat and lose weight without much effort.
  • Honey controls hunger so add few drops of honey in a glass of milk. A filling and nutritious drink.
  • Honey and lemon is a natural weight loss plan. Just drink honey with lemon juice and warm water every morning to stay active and lose weight.
  • If you want to include honey in your food, add few drops in low fat yogurt and have this healthy side dish with your breakfast.
  • Have honey with hot water and lemon juice after every meal to burn extra calories. You should also have this after workout. It boosts energy and keeps you active.
  • Have honey with oatmeal for a healthy and fat free breakfast. Honey and oatmeal is a nice combination to lose weight.

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