Virgin Galactic VSS Unity Makes Its First Glide Slight

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic has announced that is new spaceship, a VSS Unity has done a initial successful giveaway moody and we can see it in movement in a video below.

The VSS Unity achieved a spped of Mach 0.6 while in moody and it glided home from a tallness of 50,000 feet.

Our new spaceship, VSS Unity, has successfully finished a initial giveaway flight! Today’s critical exam moody outlines a initial time that a car built by a sister organization, The Spaceship Company, has flown entirely underneath a possess control.

Today, VSS Unity was piloted by Mark Stucky and Dave Mackay, with pilots Mike Masucci and Todd Ericsson as good as moody exam operative Dustin Mosher in WhiteKnightTwo. Over a march of a 1 hour 20 notation flight–particularly a 10 mins of giveaway moody for SpaceShipTwo–our pilots, goal controllers, and belligerent organisation collected profitable data.

You can find out some-more sum about a Virgin Galactic VSS Unity over during a co0mpany’s website during a couple below.

Source Virgin Galactic, Engadget

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