Avalanche Malware Network With 800K Domains Shut Down

Avalanche Malware Network

Avalanche a malware network used for phishing attacks has been tighten down though general law coercion agencies operative together.

The network has been in operation for a final 7 years and it comprised of some-more than 800,000 domains and 50 servers around a universe were tighten down.

“November 30 began a start of a multi-national operation to idle a complex, rapist network of worldwide mechanism servers famous as Avalanche. This network hosted some-more than dual dozen of a world’s many attribution forms of malware and several income laundering campaigns.

“The operation is being conducted by a United States Attorney’s Office for a Western District of Pennsylvania, a FBI – Pittsburgh Division, and a Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of a United States Department of Justice, in tighten team-work with a Public Prosecutor’s Office Verden and a Luneburg Police of Germany, Europol and Eurojust, located in The Hague, Netherlands, and investigators and prosecutors from some-more than 40 countries.

Authorities have done arrests in 5 countries around a universe and they have also suggested that a financial detriment associated to a network is suspicion to be hundreds of millions of dollars.

Source Us Department of Justice, Ars Technica, Techmeme


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