UK Police Have A Unique Way Around iPhone Encryption

iphonepoliceRecently there has been a fair bit of debate about the encryption on our smartphones. It works good for users who want to protect their privacy and want a secure device, but it can be a hindrance to law enforcement who have to come up with new ways of trying to get suspects to unlock their devices.

Well, in the UK, police have come up with one questionable method of bypassing the iPhone’s encryption. And it is not high tech.

It simply involves taking the phone from the suspect while they are using it. While they are using it, the phone is unlocked, so by stealing it they can make sure the phone never goes to sleep. That way they can access it for as long they want. It is a tactic that was used against one Gabriel Yew who was being investigated for manufacturing fake credit cards. He used an iPhone because he knew if he was ever caught, the evidence would be safe on his phone.But that is not how it worked out.

Apparently it is a perfectly legal tactic for the police to use, though obviously not everyone thinks it should be. Sometimes criminals are caught in ways that are very simple and low tech.

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