Valve’s New App Will Let You Stream PC Games To Android And iOS Gadgets

Valve’s New App Will Let You Stream PC Games To Android And iOS Devices

Thanks to the boost in the speed of Web connections, the streaming video game that was a pattern a few years ago with services such as Onlive, is now possible. Valve is among the companies that offers a streaming video game service thanks to its Steam Link hardware and now, thanks to the Steam Link app for Android and iOS, we can play PC games on our mobile or tablet.

Valve has actually simply announced two brand-new applications for iOS and Android gadgets. This is Steam Link App and Steam Video App, 2 tools that, according to the company, will serve to ‘extend the services and ease of access of Steam’. The two applications will likewise allow us to delight in the material of the platform on Android (phones and tablets) and iOS (iPhone and iPad) by means of streaming.

Steam Link App is the most interesting application of those provided by Valve and, imitating what can now be made with the Steam Link hardware on our tv, Valve will permit users to delight in the Steam library on their mobile or tablet. The only constraint is that the devices have a 5GHz Wi-Fi capability to link to the high-speed network and, therefore, take pleasure in games without latency.

Steam Link for Android and iOS will work with the Steam Controller, in addition to with other MFI controls. If you wish to be the first to try this service, you will need to wait till next May 21, when Steam Link App will be introduced. Of course, you should take into consideration that, to enjoy this, you should have a PC or Mac to run the game and “send out” it to the mobile phone.

The second application that Valve has actually provided for mobile is Steam Video. It is an application that will allow us to take pleasure in the library of Steam videos in iOS and Android and, yes, we can take it out of your house. In devices connected to WiFi or with LTE connections, we can take pleasure in the Steam video content. This app will arrive rather behind Steam Link, the launch being located in summer.

Returning to Steam Link App, it is really interesting to see the list of devices verified by Valve. And, in addition to cellphones and tablets, the North American company has actually validated that Apple TELEVISION will be able to work as a Steam receiver to take video games from the platform to television.

In this method, Apple TV will end up being a console, although, once again, you will need a PC or Mac to carry out the estimations of the game and send them via streaming. If you have an Apple TELEVISION at house and you had actually thought of making the jump to a Steam Link to connect it to TELEVISION, now it will not be needed anymore.

Simply put, it will be a service comparable to the service that is offered by the tech giant Microsoft today with its Xbox community. If we have a PC with Windows 10 (laptop computer, desktop or a Surface) and an Xbox One, we can play by means of streaming to the Xbox One on our PC. The distinction is that, with Steam Link, we can play Steam video games on the mobile.

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