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It’s CES 2021, and although we’re not live from Las Vegas, there’s plenty that companies want to share with us in digital form. Take Panasonic’s new wireless phone charger for the car, which forgoes in-place charging coils for mobile ones. To make clear what I mean by that — this is a wireless charger that actually moves to fit your smartphone better.

Panasonic said it devoted resources to this piece of technology after its research showed the average US household includes 10 connected devices. Granted, not all of them will come along for a ride in the car, but a small family could easily pile a handful of smartphones in a vehicle. So, the moving coils are meant to charge devices more quickly so everyone can have a turn at some battery juice.

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The technology within the device is supposed to target a phone or device’s charging coil more accurately, even if the device isn’t sitting perfectly on it (I’ve experienced my share of picky wireless chargers). Panasonic also promised the tech is much better at coupling with a smartphone than competing systems. When the phone or device sits in the wireless charger, 15 watts of power find their way to the conductor for superquick charging times.

Panasonic didn’t immediately return a request for comment so we can’t tell you when you’ll be able to buy one or how much it will cost, but in the meantime, you can see how the tech works in the video above.

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