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Panasonic Wireless Charger


It’s CES 2021, and although we’re not live from Las Vegas, there’s plenty that companies want to share with us in digital form. Take Panasonic’s new wireless phone charger for the car, which forgoes in-place charging coils for mobile ones. To make clear what I mean by that — this …

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Oppo Stretchable OLED Screen


  We are moving slowly but surely into a new era of mobile technology with Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei all tying to pack flexible OLEDs into folding phones. It’ll probably take a few years for foldable phones to become mainstream, but what about stretching phones? Oppo has revealed a concept …

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CallRail’s Lead Center


When the COVID lockdowns began in March, Google local business profiles saw a massive drop-off in directions requests and a corresponding spike in local calls and website clicks (61% increase in calls). Since that time, call volumes fluctuated but, according to CallRail, have now stabilized at levels that are 27% …

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Asus ROG Phone 3


  Asus has been making the occasional Android phone since the early days of the platform, but only recently has the company’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) division gotten into mobile. The third-generation ROG Phone launched this summer internationally, and now it’s officially coming to the US for a hefty $1,000. …

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How USB Charging Works


  The tech world has finally coalesced around a charging standard, after years of proprietary adapters and ugly wall-wart power supplies. USB-C is in the process of replacing them. But, in a brilliant example of getting exactly what we asked for and not at all what we wanted, USB-C has …

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BlackBerry Keyboard


  BlackBerry used to dominate the “smartphone” market back when those devices were not really very smart. The Canadian company never adapted to a post-iPhone world, and even switching to Android didn’t help. Earlier this year, TCL announced it was ending its agreement to build BlackBerry Android phones. It’s not …

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OnePlus New Phone


OnePlus CEO Confirms a New Budget Phone Is Coming OnePlus has become one of the top smartphone makers in the world, and it got there by blazing a path through the “budget flagship” space. Each year, OnePlus makes its phones a little more expensive, which has left budget buyers feeling …

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Android Phone Crash


Using the Wrong Wallpaper Can Crash an Android Phone Modern smartphones are incredibly complex, with the ability to display a huge range of content and to navigate a complex set of color gamuts, file formats, and media types. Occasionally, however, some of those capabilities interact with each other in unanticipated …

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Windows Phone Is Dead and Surface Sales are Slipping


Microsoft announced its quarterly results last night, and the figures were generally good, with revenue of $23.6 billion (up 6%), increased operating income, and higher earnings per share. The one ugly spot was More Personal Computing — the business segment that includes Windows 10, Bing, Surface devices, Windows Phone, and …

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