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Clay Debuts A New Tool

A new startup called Clay, backed by $8 million in seed funding, has built a system designed to help you be more thoughtful with the people in your life, which operates somewhat like a personal CRM. With Clay, you build a collection of the people you meet by connecting your …

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Newegg Lottery System

  It’s not uncommon for the latest computer hardware to be in short supply, but the pandemic has pushed everything into overdrive. Being stuck inside for months on end has led to an explosion of interest in gaming, and that has made new high-end hardware like the AMD Ryzen 5000 …

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Panasonic Wireless Charger

It’s CES 2021, and although we’re not live from Las Vegas, there’s plenty that companies want to share with us in digital form. Take Panasonic’s new wireless phone charger for the car, which forgoes in-place charging coils for mobile ones. To make clear what I mean by that — this …

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NASA Debuts 3D-Printed Space Chain Mail

When it comes to applied material science, it’s hard to beat NASA. Their solid-state wizards have been working on multiple ambitious projects, including silicon dioxide wafers and about a dozen kinds of ceramic composites. Now some folks at the JPL have debuted a new kind of engineered metallic fabric that …

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Intel Core i7-7700K review: Kaby Lake debuts for desktop

Today, Intel is taking the lid off its 7th Generation Core microprocessor family, codenamed Kaby Lake. It’s been roughly five years since Intel last delivered a significant performance leap in a single generation and the Core i7-7700K has a number of challenges riding on its shoulders. This is the first …

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