NVIDIA Shield Tablet Successor Scrapped?

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Successor Scrapped

Rumours are present this week that NVIDIA might have cancelled a growth of a inheritor to a NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1. Earlier this year specifications were leaked around an FCC filing that NVIDIA was building a inheritor charity 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

However sources tighten to a growth and a “dismissal ask letter” submitted to a FCC by NVIDIA now seems to advise that NVIDIA have now put an finish to a new tablet.

Previously NVIDIA has hinted that due to disappearing inscription sales a association might deposit their concentration elsewhere building new hardware. Unfortunately as we would design NVIDIA has not reliable a closure of growth for a new tablet, though a minute next flattering most spells it out. If some-more sum are announced about serve hardware developments will keep we present as always.


Source: Android Police

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