Eye Controlled Assistive Technology by LC Technologies

Communicate with the world utilizing the power of your eyes

User running the Medicare compliant Eyegaze Edge

The Eyegaze Edge is an eye-operated interaction and control system that empowers individuals with impairments to interact and connect with the world. By looking at control secrets or cells showed on a screen, a user can produce speech either by typing a message or picking pre-programmed phrases. Eyegaze Edge Systems are being utilized to write books, participate in school and boost the quality of life of people with specials needs all over the world.

Special Functions of the Eyegaze Edge
Who’s utilizing the Eyegaze Edge?
How does the Eyegaze Edge work?
Personalizing the Eyegaze Edge
Optional programs allow users to:
All Eyegaze units include

Eyegaze Edge Tablet

  • One-piece unit integrates processor and screen in a small 5-pound package. ( size: 12-1/2 ? x 9 ? x 3/4 ?)
  • Adjustable screen arm with camera bracket
  • High-speed infared sensitive electronic camera and lens
  • Touch Pen and keyboard
  • Eyegaze interaction software

Eyegaze Edge Desktop

  • Eyegaze image processing system (size: 6-1/2 ? x 6-1/2 ? x 2 ?)
  • 15″ LCD flat panel screen
  • Adjustable display arm with video camera bracket
  • High-speed infrared sensitive camera and lens
  • Keyboard
  • Eyegaze communication software application


The ModelTalker System is a speech synthesis software application plan designed for individuals who are losing or who have actually lost their ability to speak. If you or someone you care for usages a Speech Getting Gadget (SGD) to interact, ModelTalker can provide an unique synthetic voice that is more representative of their own voice.

Please go to the ModelTalker site:

There is a registration form needed to use ModelTalker. It take numerous hours to finish the voice recordings. ModelTalker provides support to assist users through this voice “banking” procedure, which will permit the recordings will be converted to an artificial voice that can be used with SGDs!


grid showcase Screens been available in both colorful and dark, giving the user the ability to decide between differing lighting conditions!

grid showcase 2 Screens can be customized or adjusted for the user. This hands on approach offers the user total control!

With the Eyegaze Edge System a user can:

  • Create, shop, and use distinct messages
  • Send and get e-mails
  • Search the web
  • Pay attention to music
  • Control a television and other IR-controlled devices
  • Check out a book in Kindle
  • See videos on Youtube
  • Access Facebook
  • Control the Windows Desktop
  • Run a word processing program
  • Utilize a calculator
  • Handle contacts
  • Skype
1. The EyeWorld Bundle
2. Computer System Gain Access To Program
3. Lights and Home Appliances Program
4. Eye Mouse Program
5. Infrared Remote
6. Language Alternatives

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