Indie Games Are On The Increase, Bringing Innovation and Creativity to Video gaming

Over the previous couple of decades, computer game appeal has skyrocketed in addition to its media attention– particularly the topic of whether violent video games result in increased violence in the real world. The majority of research, however, concludes no direct, definitive link between them.

There may be another link less explored: are video games– particularly, “indie games”– making individuals more imaginative?

Indie Games and Creativity

It’s in fact possible to discover many transferable skills from computer game that can help us in the real life.

For starters, dealing with something difficult provides us energy and amps up the dopamine benefit centers in our brain which is one of the strongest motorists of work ethic. This can significantly enhance both our motivation and determination.

In addition, multiplayer games can teach us how to operate in a team with other players, how to be a successful leader, and how to confront challenging issues head-on.

Finally, playing video games– especially indie video games, which typically supply a very special set of issues that differ from mainstream games– frequently challenge us in brand-new methods and requires us to find imaginative solutions and workarounds to issues that we encounter.

For example, a fast YouTube look for ‘Minecraft’ reveals tutorials on how to develop substantial, complex structures from building blocks. Some individuals have even designed their own video games within the Minecraft world.

Indie video games like Terraria permit users to build structures to support non-playable characters and assist them in their quests. They can also develop their own power-ups and armor structures which need either extensive research or trial-and-error-based creativity to master.

Ultimately, this can provide substantial increases to our creativity, which we can then apply in our everyday lives.

Indie Video Gaming and Decentralization

Blockchain seems to be a technology with the prospective to shock basically every industry imaginable– and the video gaming industry is no exception.

Game Protocol is the platform leading the charge in decentralized gaming. It focuses on developing a growing community that permits fans to money developers and benefit from their success.

At the exact same time, developers can collaborate to share concepts and create the finest games possible. The GameStarter crowdfunding platform is developed to make crowdfunding easier, quicker, and more accessible for all.

It permits designers to raise loan for their ideas in just two days and access the funds instantly. In addition, unlike all existing mainstream gaming platforms that take a considerable 30% cut from developers, Game Procedure will take just 10% commission in return for developers utilizing their platform to leverage sales.

Such a platform could show to be a huge turning point for the industry, taking the $91 billion video game market by storm, and ultimately making the development of indie video games easier than ever previously.

The platform is already advertising some of the video games that will quickly be offered to users. One example is the Unique Guns task, a first-person shooter that will be launched on Game Protocol after being successfully funded. The funding objective for this project is 200,000 Video game Procedure Tokens (GXT).

The Increasing Popularity of Indie Games

Over the past few years, indie games have actually ended up being popular. Unlike publishers such as Ubisoft, Blizzard, and Sony, who do not typically experiment and tend to use one format for games which they know will offer well, indie video game designers are far more likely to set out and create something special.

Naturally, in many cases, this does not work at all, and the video game flops. However in an increasing number of cases, it turns out to be a big hit.

Stardew Valley, the RPG farming simulation game that was created by a 28-year-old first-time designer and released in February 2016, was one of the most significant success stories of the year.

In the couple of years the video game has actually been available, it has amassed over 80,000 Extremely Favorable evaluations on Steam. It was estimated that within a year of the game’s release, its single developer had earned in excess of $30 million.

Similarly, Do Not Starve, the open world ‘uncompromising wilderness survival video game’, and Don’t Starve Together, the multiplayer variation of this title, is another game that has actually witnessed huge popularity and stood the test of time, getting Over 45,000 overwhelmingly favorable evaluations on Steam because its release back in 2013.

The Future of Indie Gaming

With the increase of crowdfunding platforms like Game Protocol that allows fans to give cash straight to designers for creating content they enjoy, getting funding for indie games will be much easier than ever previously.

As an outcome, it’s likely we will see a significant rise in the number and range of indie video games readily available for users to play over the coming years.

Cover Image by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

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