iBeamBLOCK Modular HD Touchscreen Projector (video)

Modular HD Touchscreen Projector

Global Aiptek has combined a new modular HD touchscreen projector that can be used for a series of opposite applications and tailored to fit your accurate requirements.

Being marketed as a world’s initial modular HD projector a iBeamBLOCK is able of raised a 100 in. picture during a stretch of only 2.7 m. Watch a video subsequent to learn some-more about this tiny form cause projector that includes a rechargeable battery procedure creation it totally wireless.

iBeamBLOCK Modular HD Touchscreen Projector

The iBeamBLOCK has this week launched by a Kickstarter looking to lift $100,000 over a subsequent 43 days. Its creators explain some-more about a impulse behind a iBeamBLOCK and some of a facilities of a modular HD touchscreen protector.


Many of we will have had knowledge regulating a projector to arrangement “digital content” possibly during work, during a client’s site, during home or in other situations. Given by a prevalent projector specifications in a marketplace today, it is expected that we will have faced some hurdles that lead to a deceleration in a execution of your task. Typical hurdles include:

• massive distance and heaviness.
• connectivity between projector and your mobile devices.
• entrance to AC power.
• entrance to Digital Files in several formats.
• raised of calm from opposite people / finish inclination in one meeting.

We wish to make DLP projectors fun and creative. Inspired by a Iconic LEGO fondle blocks, a Aiptek Team has come adult with a totally new judgment for a projection system. The splendid local HD (1280×720 Pixel) projector displays Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF papers transparent transparent with 400 lumens of brightness, an picture erratic of adult to 120“ and a chuck ratio of 1.2. Due to an HDMI interface a DLP projector with RGB LEDs can also be used as a standalone device.

• Unique record (Manhattan-type DMD array) provides transparent transparent projection peculiarity of texts lines.
• Project 100? during 2.7 meters distance

Source: Kickstarter

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