Arduino And Raspberry Pi Prototype I/O Card (video)

Arduino And Raspberry Pi Prototype I/O Card

Serial Kickstarter businessman Doug Gilliland has once again taken to a crowdfunding website to lift a compulsory supports he needs to take his new Arduino and Raspberry Pi prototyping I/O label into production.

As good as ancillary a Arduino and Pi platforms a prototyping house will also support a BeagleBone height and facilities a 16-bit Digital I/O. Check out a video next to learn some-more about this good small prototyping house that is now accessible for $25 with shipping approaching to take place during Feb 2017.

But don’t check after usually 50 cards available, and during a time of essay this essay usually 33 remain. Features and specifications of a Arduino And Raspberry Pi Prototype I/O Card embody :

• 16-bit Digital I/O card
• MCP23017 16-bit I2C I/O Expander
• Strong library support for all vital microprocessors for MCP23017
• I2C Interface – Two Wire Interface
• Can run during 400 KHz or faster
• I/O Connector is inexpensive/standard DB-25
• Fuse stable energy outlay on DB-25 with jumper bypass
• Large prototyping area
• Connections during edges to DB-25 and GPIO lines
• EEPROM for house ID and focus specific information
• Write Enable jumper protects opposite random writes
• Open Data Acquisition System (ODAS) form cause (width is 95 mm)
• Host connectors
• Daisy-chain I2C connector
• Address name jumper
• Expandable I2C around I2C-RPT – I2C Repeater
• Interrupt out/Card Present
• Power connector (not compulsory for minimal loads) Reversible pinout for safety
• I2C Termination jumpers for finish of I2C chain
• Power can be 3.3V or 5V
• 95mm far-reaching Open Data Acquisition System format
• 6-32 Mounting holes
Prototyping Area
• Large prototyping area Ideal for through-hole ICs
• Extra I/O Rows on both sides
• One side connects to DB-25 connector
• Other side connects to MCP23017 pins
• Prototyping area in a core of a label with power/ground train adult a center dual pins
• Easy tie to IC Power/Grounds
• Silkscreen on both sides of a card

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