Arduino WiFi Weather Station Equipped With Colour TFT Display (video)


Electronics enthusiasts, makers and hobbyists that would like to emanate their possess unstable continue hire competence be meddlesome in a new plan that has been published by Adafruit that takes advantage of a illusory formula total by Daniel Eichhorn.

Using a 3D printer box together with a 2.4? TFT touchscreen and an ESP8266, a unstable continue hire offers all we need to know to assistance we by your day and is a slot sized wireless continue hire that we can build yourself and offers a four-day foresee finish with moon phases.

Watch a video next to learn some-more about a plan and how easy it is to build regulating a formula that has already been created and granted by Daniel. You’ll need a following tools to build this plan :

– 2.4? TFT Feather Wing 320×240 Touchscreen
– Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi
– 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery (Optional)
– Slide Switch (Optional)

In this plan we’ll uncover we how to make a WiFi enabled, unstable Weather Station regulating an ESP8266. The software, created by Daniel Eichhorn, uses a Wunderground API to lift continue data. It shows a date, time, stream continue conditions, 4-day foresee and even moon phases. The user interface facilities poetic typography and icons that creates unequivocally a purify layout. The 2.4” TFT Feather Wing total with a Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 make convention this plan impossibly easy.

Source: Adafruit

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