Corsair Buys Boutique Gaming PC Manufacturer Origin

  Corsair, the PC gaming peripheral manufacturer, has bought Origin, the boutique gaming PC builder company. The purchase price has not been disclosed. According to Corsair’s CEO and founder, Andy Paul, the decision to buy Origin was made as a way to extend Corsair’s reach into the PC space. “With …

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Google Might Try to Buy Your Face for $5

  Unless you’re a digital hermit, Google probably already has a lot of data about you. Even when you don’t tell Google specific bits of data, it can make educated guesses based on your searches and how you use its services. One thing it doesn’t have is your face, and …

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Pixel 4 Might Support ‘Soli’ Touchless Gestures

  Google has shown off some wildly futuristic technologies at its annual I/O gathering, but most of them have faded into obscurity without ever appearing in a consumer product. The Project Soli gesture control system has been pie-in-the-sky since its debut in 2015, but a report several months back confirmed …

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