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AMD and Intel to announce multiple products around CES 2022

Two important press conferences on the same day.

Everyone buckle up, next month PC enthusiasts will have lots of new hardware to discuss. On January 4th, both Intel and AMD are to hold their own virtual press conferences, expectedly covering multiple products across high-end and mobile CPUs and the latest graphics.

CES being a ‘consumer’ show is often attached to the mobile PC market, which is why we get to see the latest innovations in CPU and GPU space dedicated to laptops and other ultra-thin designs.

Update: AMD does not have an official conference at CES 2022, their event just happens on the same day the Intel CES conference happens. 

January Press Conference Schedule Day Hour Expectations
January 4th 07:00 – ? PST
15:00 – ? GMT
AMD Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt
AMD Ryzen with 3D V-Cache
“Upcoming Graphics Solutions”
RX 6500XT/6400 (desktop)
January 4th 10:00 – 10:45 PST
18:00- 18:45 GMT
12th Gen Core Alder Lake-P (Mobile)
12th Gen Core non-K “Alder Lake-S” (Desktop)
Arc Alchemist Mobile
? 08:00 – ? PST
16:00 – ? GMT
GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, 3080 12GB, 3070Ti 16GB (Desktop)
GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU


At CES, AMD is usually keen on sharing news about its mobile CPUs. In 2022, however, the AMD event will not officially be part of the show. At a separate press conference, AMD is expected to unveil its Ryzen 6000H high-end mobile series based on 6nm Zen3+ microarchitecture, featuring RDNA2 graphics IP for the first time.

The company also promised to showcase ‘upcoming AMD graphics solutions’, however, this vague statement does not provide any clues whether we are waiting for mobile or desktop GPUs. The company is now expected to launch its Radeon RX 6500 XT desktop GPU in mid-January. Rumors have also suggested we might be seeing a refresh of its Radeon 6000 series.

We should also get an update on AMD 3D V-Cache now coming to Ryzen desktop CPUs.

AMD CES 2022 virtual press conference 4th January 4 pm CET

showcase upcoming AMD graphics solutions (…) AMD’s vision to drive world-class high-performance computing experiences for gaming, entertainment and the way we live and work today will also be a topic.

— Andreas Schilling (@aschilling) December 3, 2021

Intel at CES 2022

Intel might actually have a lot more to share at CES. The company already confirmed its Q1 2022 products such as the high-end mobile 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake-P” series, Intel’s first high-end hybrid architecture for gaming laptops. Furthermore, we also expect to learn more about desktop mid-range and entry-level CPU series alongside other 600-series motherboards.

More importantly, though, Intel is expected to reveal its Arc Alchemist GPUs. The new discrete GPU series is supposedly coming to the laptop segment-first, however, we very much expect Intel to reveal a launch date of the desktop Arc series as well.

We have independently learned that Intel will also have a press pre-briefing covering CES 2022 topics on December 15th.

Source: CES via @Dayman55

NVIDIA at CES 2022

Somewhere in between those two events, we also expect NVIDIA to announce its refreshed GeForce RTX 30 mobile series, led by RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU based on GA103S processor. There have not been many leaks on the SUPER variant though, which is why we can’t be sure if they are coming too.

Some high-end desktop cards (RTX 3090Ti 24GB, 3080 12GB, 3070Ti 16GB) are also slated for January launch, which means NVIDIA might also have an opportunity to talk about its upcoming desktop products.

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