Care For Indoor Plants

Who doesn’t love a pretty, indoor plant? Plants can add style to a room and provide a calming energy. When it comes to indoor plants, there is obviously a lot of options, but easy to care for plants tend to be the most popular. We’ve shared three of our favourite, …

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A Balcony Into A Garden

  If you are living in a big city, odds are pretty good that you live in a condo and don’t have a backyard to plant a garden in. There is still a chance though for some outside air when you need it, by opening the door and stepping out …

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Spring Cleaning Tips


Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhxNdahmWp/ Spring cleaning season is upon us. Some of us dread the thought of cleaning and organizing, while others thrive off the idea. Here are a few tips to make your spring cleaning easier and more efficient. Makeup Makeup is an item that naturally gets cluttered and very, very messy. …

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A Room For Fall Seasons

  With fall upon us, say Colin and Justin, and summer’s warm breath a distant memory, it’s time to cozy up ahead of the mercury’s further descent. Go on, layer on those thick, textural sweaters, turn up the thermostat and enjoy Mother Nature at her autumnal finest.  You know you want …

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Jump Into May With These Beautiful Floral Arrangements

Whether you have a green thumb or are simply passionate about embracing the beauty of nature, springtime florals can rejuvenate just about any home. For those who don’t have the time or space to create a garden, a gorgeous arrangement of blooms can immediately bring the outdoors into your humble …

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Pretty Easter Décor Ideas For Your Space

Photo: theglossynest on Instagram  With images of fluffy white bunnies and precious yellow chicks everywhere to be seen, Easter is clearly in the air. Even if you’re avoiding all the chocolate goodies which are commonly associated with the season, you can always bring the springtime occasion into your humble home. Whether …

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Brass Décor Is The Newest Take On Metallic Design

Photo: jossandmain on Instagram  Although metals such as gold and copper may have most recently reigned supreme in the world of interior design, it looks there is a new kid in town. Brass décor is officially slated to make a splash this Spring 2017, and can easily illuminate any space in …

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Rejuvenate Your Kitchen For Springtime With These Effortless Tips

Photo: rusticpigdesigns on Instagram With the idea of springtime just around the corner, it’s time to embrace lighter colours at home in your kitchen. Whether you’re planning a full renovation or a few slight tweaks to your décor, try infusing your kitchen with beautiful blooms and soft hues. We’ve curated our …

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