5 Basic Family-Friendly Vegetarian Dinners

A few times a year I get burnt out on cooking. Rather than depend on shipment or suppers out, streamlining assists me resolve the rut. Using < a href =”″ > a supper design template and keeping the recipes extremely basic generally indicates I spend less time picking dishes and …

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Tesla is now worth less than Ford

Tesla’s stock price is falling and in doing so, has retreated on milestones it set last year. As of publication, the company’s value is less than Ford’s for the first time in a year. At current levels, Tesla’s market cap is $42.063 billion while Ford is trading at $43.588. It was …

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‘Light Field’ Camera Maker Lytro Is Shutting Down

After more than a decade spent developing it’s “light field” imaging technology, camera startup Lytro is throwing in the towel. According to a statement on the company’s website, the time has come to “wind down” operations. A recent rumor pointed to a possible Google acquisition of Lytro, but it looks …

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