Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes and Menu Ideas

Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes GMVozd/ Getty Images John E. Kelly/ Getty Images Who has to wait for special celebrations like Christmas or Thanksgiving to prepare stuffing? Packing( or dressing)is a vegetarian Thanksgiving supper dish which can be enjoyed year round. Do not you simply enjoy the method all the …

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Baroque-Inspired Pictures Of Black Ladies Highlight Their Incredible Natural Hair So Other Girls Would Stop Concealing It

We are all loaded with natural beauty, we just have to bring it out. Regis and Kahran, a couple group behind CreativeSoul did just that, just for young black ladies. Focusing on their hair, the duo created Afro Art, a series of stunning portraits that has cast a spell on …

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Scotch In A Pouch From Whisky-Me

Capri Sun and other juice boxes were the finest part of lunch break when you were a kid. So why not recreate those moments now that you’re an adult? Sure, you could go out and acquire yourself some juice boxes (although you might get some odd stares at the checkout …

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