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What the Biggest Business Deals of 2019 Tell Us About the Next Decade


HBR Staff/Pexels/Unsplash Unlike the earth’s climate, the climate for business deals remained stubbornly unchanged in 2019 — or did it? Business deals are both a lagging and a leading indicator of economic transformations. Some reflect past conditions; others signal emerging trends. A review of the past year’s most remarkable deals …

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A New Model for Crowdsourcing Innovation


dorian2013/Getty Images On paper, crowdsourced innovation makes a lot of sense: If two heads are better than one, why not 20,000? Surely, some of those outsiders will have fresh solutions to your problem. But in practice, such programs have often not worked out as well as hoped. More often than …

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Segway-Ninebot’s S-Pod Is a Stroller For Adults


There were lots of great reasons to hate on the original Segway: it was overhyped, it was expensive, it was easy to fall off, but most disappointing was that it required extensive standing. We were promised a future with minimal physical exertion, and Segway-Ninebot’s new S-Pod personal transporter finally delivers …

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Show off your startup at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

Mobility 2020

Remember when “mobility” meant laptops and cell phones? Those were quaint times. Now the category encompasses the future of transportation — everything from flying cars and autonomous vehicles to delivery bots and beyond. There’s no better place to explore this rapidly moving industry than TC Sessions: Mobility 2020, our day-long …

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23andMe Cuts 100 Jobs as DNA Privacy Concerns Mount


  DNA testing used to be prohibitively expensive for the average consumer, but companies like 23andMe have made DNA testing kits an impulse buy. After enjoying years of modest growth, 23andMe has seen its sales drop in recent quarters. CEO Anne Wojcicki confirms the company is laying off 100 people, …

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