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Laying the foundations for innovation


Wirex is all about innovation. We were the first platform to offer a Visa card that lets you spend digital currency, the first Europe-headquartered crypto-friendly company to hold an FCA e-money licence and the first to introduce CryptobackTM – a crypto rewards programme that pays out in BTC. 2019 has been …

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Robotics Startup Anki Is Shutting Down


  Not every company can be a success, but most of them don’t suck up $200 million of venture capital before folding like Anki just did. According to CEO Boris Sofman the company’s 200 staff will be out of work on Wednesday this week, but the company has enough left …

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Working backwards to uncover key success factors


  If you’re a SaaS business,  you’re likely overwhelmed with data and an ever-growing list of acronyms that purport to unlock secret keys to your success. But like most things,  tracking what you do has very little impact on what you actually do. It’s really important to find one, or …

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Verified Expert Brand Designer: Ramotion


  Ramotion is a remote branding and product design agency that has worked with Bay Area tech startups since 2014. While they typically do branding for funded, fast-growing startups, Ramotion has helped companies ranging from Bitmoji’s early brand identity to Mozilla’s rebrand. We spoke to Ramotion’s CEO Denis Pakhaliuk about …

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