How the Location of Start-ups and Development Is Changing

Jakal Pan/Getty Images We’re utilized to thinking about modern development and startups as produced and clustered primarily in fertile U.S. communities, such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York City. As with so numerous elements of American financial ingenuity, state-of-the-art startups have now really gone international. The previous decade or …

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Vegan innovation: Growing cravings, plant-based power & retail positioning

28 Aug 2018– The image of veganism is going through the most transformation in its history while shedding some worn out, old stereotypes– that’s according to The Vegan Society itself. The group proudly states that customers now carefully associate consuming vegan with health, physical fitness and wellness– all substantial patterns …

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Four ways to bridge the widening valley of death for startups

Many founders believe in the myth that the first steps of starting a business are the hardest: Attracting the first investment, the first hires, proving the technology, launching the first product and landing the first customer. Although those critical first steps are difficult, they are certainly not the most difficult …

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