Microsoft Windows VR Headset Minimum PC Specs Confirmed

Microsoft Windows VR Headset

Microsoft has this week suggested some-more sum about a new windows 10 VR headset that is now underneath growth and approaching to be accessible to consumers for a holiday deteriorate 2017.

During a Microsoft Virtual existence display a association reliable a smallest PC specifications that users will need to be means to get a many from their new VR headset. Explaining that low-power systems with integrated graphics will be supported.

Minimum specifications to be means to use a Microsoft Windows VR headset have been reliable as :

• Intel Core i5 Kaby Lake dual-core or faster processor
• Intel HD 620 graphics or faster
• At slightest 8GB of dual-channel RAM
• HDMI 1.4 with support for 2880 x 1440/60 fps video, or HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.3 for 2880 x 1440/90 Hz
• At slightest 100GB of storage
• Bluetooth 4.0

Microsoft announced several new ways a association is creation churned existence mainstream in 2017:

• We submitted Microsoft HoloLens for supervision capitulation in China, and we demeanour brazen to creation it accessible to developers and blurb business in China in a initial half of 2017.
• We common a specifications that we co-developed with Intel for PCs that will energy a initial headsets able of churned reality. HMDs from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo will be accessible subsequent year.
• Joining those partners, 3Glasses, a heading China-based hardware developer for HMDs, will move a Windows 10 knowledge to their S1 device in a initial half of 2017, reaching some-more than 5 million monthly active business in China.
• Customers will benefit entrance to extraordinary churned existence content. This includes:
? More than 20,000 concept Windows apps in a catalog
? 3D objects from a web regulating Microsoft Edge to drag and dump into their earthy world
? Immersive WebVR calm around Microsoft Edge
? 360 grade videos accessible for a initial time in a Movies TV app
• Finally, HMD developer kits will turn accessible to developers during a Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

For some-more information on all that was announced during a WinHEC 2016 keynote burst over to a central Windows blog.

Source: Microsoft

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